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Corporate Ethics

Daicel believes that each employee's adherence to corporate ethics is an essential management issue and is promoting this initiative company-wide.
This is not a temporary initiative; in order to ensure it is practiced continuously, we established our Corporate Ethics Management System by following the PDCA cycle. Through activities involving the participation of all employees, we are striving to maintain and improve this system.
Corporate Ethics Management System
Corporate Ethics Management System
As a good corporate citizen and a member of both Japanese society and international society, we shall remain aware of the need to comply with all laws, norms, and rules and their spirit regardless of whether we are operating inside or outside Japan. We shall respond to the expectations of various stakeholders by always acting with the highest ethics and with good common sense.
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Our Commitment

Practical Implementation of the Daicel Industries Code of Conduct
To ensure the specific practice of the Daicel Group Conduct Policy within the Company as a standard, we established the Daicel Industries Code of Conduct and made a concerted effort to advise all employees of its existence.
We formulated this code of conduct to incorporate the requirements for corporate social responsibility (CSR). By ensuring the thorough implementation of this code of conduct, we are seeking to raise the CSR awareness of all employees.
Promotion System
We established the Corporate Compliance Program Division to promote corporate ethics activities and appointed our president and CEO as our corporate ethics officer. The Corporate
Compliance Program Division supports the independent initiatives of each section based on the Corporate Ethics Management System and continuously promotes activities to ensure compliance.
These activities are summarized by management and reflected in the following activities. Upper management undertakes reviews on a regular basis.
Corporate Ethics Training Program
Daicel provides position-specific training to union members, leaders, directors, and presidents of group companies. Carefully planned corporate ethics training is provided at important occasions when employees are promoted. Moreover, Daicel has continually offered in-house seminars to impart the knowledge of laws and regulations required for business operations.
The Consultation and Report System (Corporate Ethics Help Line)
In the spirit of providing a protection system for whistleblowers who act in the public interest, Daicel is taking steps to ensure that the employees of each workplace are able to issue reports and hold consultations without difficulty; however, for cases where circumstances prevent a superior from devising a quick solution, we have put in place the Corporate Ethics Help Line — a unique in-house reporting system — to ensure appropriate advice is available.
To further promote use of this initiative, we have also provided an external Corporate Ethics Help Line.
Flow of Corporate Ethics Help Line
Flow of Corporate Ethics Help Line