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Mid-Term Plan"3D-II"

New Medium-Term Plan3D-II - Design the Future-
Daicel Group has established a new medium-term business plan for fiscal 2015(year ended March, 2015) –17 focused on attaining the Company’s long-term vision. This plan, known as “3D-II,” has been prepared as the second step in our “3D Step-up Plan.”

Outline of 3D-II

The 3D-II Mid-Term Plan identifies the following two business targets:
  • (a)Consolidated performance for fiscal 2017 (year ended March, 2017)
    • Sales: 500 billion Yen
    • Operating profit: 50 billion Yen
    • (Consolidated operating profit ratio: 10% or more)
  • (b)Accelerated development of new businesses
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Targeting to 10% or more for Operating income ratio (ROS) and ROE.
On the assumption of the most important fundamentals as a manufacturer, such as product safety, quality assurance and safe operations, we make efforts by focusing on the following five themes:
  • ♦ Further growth in core businesses
  • ♦ Development of new businesses
  • ♦ Development and enhancement of businesses from a global perspective
  • ♦ Enhancement of production foundations
  • ♦ Enhancement of capabilities of corporate divisions
Please see the following material for details.
Press release Introducing "3D-II"- Our New Medium-Term Plan
Presentations Description of New Medium-Term PlanPDF(7.9MB)

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