Chiral Separation

Chiral Separation Daicel is a leading supplier of chiral columns used in the development of medical products.
We are expanding sales of our chiral columns and chiral separation contracted services around the globe. Moreover, we develop and market high-purity chiral reagents. In this way, we are contributing to the research and development of new chiral drugs.
Chiral Columns

A chiral column is a commercial implementation of a technology for removing, from the active ingredients of drugs, those ingredients considered to be the causes of side effects.
Some natural substances can exist in the form of mirror-image twins — like our right and left hands — each of which has different properties. For example, in the case of monosodium glutamate, one form has the characteristic umami (savory) flavor while the other form does not. In nature, such substances exist in only a single form; however, when we make monosodium glutamate artificially, the left- and right-hand forms are generated in the same quantities. A racemic mixture is a mixture of the left- and right-hand forms of a particular substance, while an optical isomer comprises only one of these forms.

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