Plastics Daicel group develops unique products for numerous industrial sectors. These include high-performance resins such as engineering plastics, polymer alloys and cyclic-olefin copolymers known for their excellent optical qualities. This business also develops a variety of plastic processed products such as polystyrene sheets, formed trays, and functional films.
  • Engineering Plastics
    Engineering plastics are high-performance plastics with excellent mechanical strength, heat resistance and chemical resistance. They have applications in many aspects of our everyday lives, and these applications range from automobile and household appliances to mobile communication devices, aircraft, and the latest robotics machines, as well as food and pharmaceutical packaging for our daily use.
  • Resin Compound Products
    We develop various thermoplastic compounds based on SAN/ABS.
    Various high performance products such as polymer alloys with engineering plastics and PP compounds, meets needs in society and market.
  • High Performance Polymers
    High performance polymer’s products such as PEEK as ultra heat resistant thermoplastic resin and PA12 are used extensively in traffic, electronics, energy, medical, sports and other fields.
  • Plastics Processing Products
    We provide various resin processing products. These are functional formed trays, highly functional packaging films that centered barrier coating films, and low-density foam products as cushioning for industrial and civil engineering applications as well as cushioning materials for fruit packaging.