Daicel Countermeasures against COVID-19

Message from the President and CEO

President and CEO


We have been dealing with a global pandemic for over a year now. I wish to express my condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one to COVID-19 during this time. People are still contracting the disease and suffering, and I hope for their speedy recovery and extend my sympathies to their families and friends. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to the health professionals and other essential care workers who are helping people and putting themselves at risk for the sake of others during the pandemic.

In February 2020, the Daicel Group established the Daicel Group Countermeasures Headquarters that I lead as the President, along with local countermeasures headquarters at each business site. Working together as a group, we are taking measures that prioritize maintaining employee health and safety, along with business continuity to fulfill our responsibility as a manufacturer and supplier of chemicals. We are also taking measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 through technologies and business activities. Furthermore, we are supporting essential care workers and others through donations. We will continue making such contributions to assist the world in overcoming this major adversity.

Policy against COVID-19

Through the Daicel Group Countermeasures Headquarters, we set out the following policy for our employees, and are taking actions against COVID-19 based on this policy.

  1. 1Promote a shift to new modes of living with COVID-19
    Develop creative measures and take actions in line with the Japanese government's basic action policies and industry-specific guidelines
    ・Create company guidelines on COVID-19 and continuously update them according to changing conditions. Continue to implement measures based on the guidelines.
  2. 2Strive to get more people to adopt and habitualize measures
    Endeavor to get more people to adopt new workstyles
    ・Actively employ telework, rotating shifts, and staggered working hours
    ・Hold meetings online
    ・ Improve human resource practices and security measures, etc., that respond to new workstyles
    Shift to permanent company measures to deal with expected future periodic outbreaks of infectious diseases
    ・Review existing company measures; consider turning initial emergency measures into more permanent measures
    Making the Three Cs (confined and enclosed spaces; crowded places; and close-contact settings) a permanent measure in terms of facilities, workplace environment, and work shifts, along with automation, the use of AI, etc.

Measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19

In light of the global spread of COVID-19, the Daicel Group Countermeasures Headquarters, led by the President, was set up on February 5, 2020, followed by local countermeasures headquarters at each business site. From the view of maintaining plant operations and stable business continuity, we have implemented various measures and prevented infections based on information provided by the Japanese government. We aim to secure the health and safety of our employees and their families, and fulfill our social responsibility as a manufacturer that supports people's lives.

The Daicel Group Countermeasures Headquarters has established the Guidelines for Measures Against COVID-19 in line with the guidance of the government and the Japan Business Federation. The Guidelines are constantly being updated to reflect changes in government policy and infectious trends.

Outline of Countermeasures
Items Countermeasures
Internal environment ・Supply nonwoven masks to employees, place disinfectant in work areas
・Set up partitions in work areas, change office layout (avoid the Three Cs)
・Set up thermographic apparatus and thermometric cameras at workplace entrances
・Provide antigen test kits to every work location for voluntary testing
・Set up Web conferencing and teleconferencing systems
・Set up system infrastructure to enable telework
Work arrangements ・Promote telework primarily for the Head Offices
・Actively recommend staggered working hours
・Introduce split-team work arrangements primarily at plants and supply chain-related sections
Meetings, business trips, etc. ・Make changes in the way meetings are held, limit events, and shift to Web conferencing
・Restrict business trips domestically and internationally based on infection status
Personnel and labor considerations ・Apply special leave for vaccination and post-vaccination side effects
・Apply special leave for infected persons, those who have had high-risk contact,
those suspected of being infected, those who take absence from work to care
for children when schools are closed, etc.
Personal behavior ・Require mask-wearing at the company, promote regular hand-disinfection
・Carry out daily temperature-check and promote self-care for good health
・Voluntary restraint on outside dining, etc.

(As of June 1, 2021)

Centralized control of COVID-19 related information

The Daicel Group Countermeasures Headquarters works to ascertain the COVID-19 infection status of group employees worldwide and the operational status at each business site. At areas with a high rate of infection, we regularly collect information on precautions taken at each business site , business impact, regulations by authorities, etc.. By centralizing such information, emergency situations can be quickly identified, and coordinated measures can be taken immediately by the Countermeasures Headquarters, which includes top management, and each business site. We also strengthen daily safety measures according to the situation.

Utilization of telework as an infection control measure

Daicel has been promoting telework (working from home or a satellite office) as an efficient working style even prior to COVID-19. Following the outbreak in 2020, we have been working to further promote telework as a means of preventing COVID-19 transmission by making improvements to existing systems.

Foster a corporate culture that meets employee needs

With the worsening of the pandemic and more people working from home, new societal issues have come into focus, such as anxiety or other mental issues due to a lack of exercise, health management issues, or a lack of communication. To deal with these issues, we offer online health education, provide information on mental health, host health seminars, and have set up an outside consultation line run by a health insurance society. In such ways we are trying to help people maintain a healthy mind-body balance and prevent any physical or mental decline.

Specific examples of measures to promote telework etc.
  • Introduced work-at-home allowance
  • Expanded distribution of smartphones to work-at-home employees
  • Encouraged online meetings
  • Introduced and encourage use of online conferencing tools
  • Introduced computer-based (hanko-less) decision approval system
  • Introduced digital fax (paperless) system
  • Advanced the use of staggered working hours
  • Encouraged use of paid-leave days over the Golden Week holiday period
  • Allowed remote access to key systems
  • Greatly expanded the number of lines for remote connection

Implementation of COVID-19 education

We started an e-learning program on August 2020 focusing on COVID-19 education for employees at Daicel and 20 group companies in Japan. The program covers measures to prevent transmission, human rights considerations, and telework. The program has been attended by 89% of employees. We are regularly announcing such content for dissemination to employees.

Societal efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19

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