Together with Our Customers

Pursuing Customer Satisfaction

The Daicel Group aims to bring the best solutions to the global market. To this end, the Group is striving to develop a world-leading ‘‘Monozukuri*’’ while making the most of its creativity to accurately meet the latest needs of customers and society as a whole.

*“Monozukuri”:Our focus on “Monozukuri” is unshakeable. Although the literal meaning of the Japanese word “Monozukuri” is “making things,” for our purpose the meaning of the term has been broadened to encompass the creation of new value in all corporate activities, including R&D, sales and marketing and support services.

Quality Assurance

The Daicel Group Conduct Policy clarifies our determination to “offer safe, high-quality products and services that satisfy and gain the trust of our customers.” Each member of the Daicel Group promises to deliver safe and quality products which can be used with assurance by the customer.

Quality Policy for Daicel Group

Each member of the Daicel Group promises to deliver safe and quality products which can be used with assurance by the customer. In order to realize this policy, we undertake the following actions.

  • We listen to customer requirements and deliver trust and satisfaction.
  • We clarify and seek to achieve the required quality.
  • We obey laws and regulations.
  • Each member looks at matters from the customer’s perspective and undertakes actions on their own initiative.

Initiatives to Enhance Product Quality

Quality Management System Structure in Place at Each Plant

With the aim of supplying high quality products that satisfy customers and meet their needs, all of the Daicel Group’s plants have acquired quality management system certifications under such international standards as ISO9001 or IATF16949, based on ISO9001.
Each internal company is responsible for the quality of their products. Relevant officials from the Company’s plants and internal companies attend regular quality assurance meetings aimed at sharing requests and feedback from customers, as well as discussing how to maintain and improve product quality. As such, these officials are acting in close collaboration to operate the quality management system.
Also, aiming to enhance customer satisfaction, each plant engages in continued efforts to improve product quality by identifying its annual quality targets. Having specified indicators for assessing the quality of each product they manufacture, these plants are operating a CAPD* cycle to achieve improvement and, at the end of each fiscal year, plant managers carry out top management reviews with the aim of evaluating initiatives undertaken during the year and obtaining insights into actions that should be taken in the upcoming fiscal year.

*Instead of a plan, do, check, and act (PDCA) cycle, which is a more popular methodology for making improvement, Daicel has adopted a CAPD improvement cycle, to avoid the risk of overlooking crucial facts and realities that often lies in the initial planning stage.

Quality management system certification acquired by Daicel Group companies

Across-the-Board Quality Assurance Initiatives

In FY 2016/3, Daicel established the Quality Management Division. Operating directly under the president, the division is independent from corporate departments, internal companies, plants and Group companies, with the aim of performing robust audits of the quality management system and spearheading activities to improve product quality.
Furthermore, in FY 2017/3 Daicel established the “Quality Policy for Daicel Group,” which lays out ideal practices that must be embraced by all Group employees.
Through the aforementioned initiatives, we are ensuring that manufacturing divisions are subject to rigorous auditing while consolidating and analyzing quality management information across the board. With each division assiduously working to make improvements, we are pursuing a more robust quality assurance structure that better positions us to earn customer trust and confidence.

Quality Assurance Initiatives Employing Leading-Edge Technologies

To live up to customer expectations, Daicel is engaged in relentless efforts to enhance product quality. To this end, Daicel is incorporating leading-edge technologies that help it earn customer trust and confidence in terms of quality.
For example, Daicel became the first in the world to develop and introduce an IoT-driven image analysis system into its manufacturing process. This system has been introduced at the Harima Plant’s production lines for inflators, a key component of automobile airbags that protect lives of drivers.
As this system preemptively detects operational errors, the plant is now equipped with an environment in which operators are relieved from undue anxiety of making mistakes. Moreover, thanks to AI-based image analysis, the system is capable of managing the quality of each product unit being manufactured, instead of inspecting only random samples from the entire batch. Thus, the Harima Plant has significantly enhanced the level of its quality assurance.
In addition, we have initiated a horizontal rollout of this system at the Daicel Group’s six overseas plants.

For more detail, please refer to our Annual Report 2018 for its Special Feature article, “Image Analysis System transforms our operations at manufacturing frontlines —Our initiatives to improve product quality and product competitiveness by employing cutting-edge IoT and AI-driven technologies —.”

The Daicel Group Annual Report—CSR & Financial Report can be viewed in the CSR Library of Daicel’s website.