Daicel's Commitment to Monozukuri Manufacturing Management Innovation We will change our behavior and create a new corporate culture by reviewing our structure and functions to support our business strategy.
Process Innovation and Product Innovation are realized efficiently and strategically through Management Innovation.

SBUs (Strategic Business Units)

We will organize value-providing SBUs that will deliver common value to target markets and a material-providing SBU that will offer additional value from the chain of technologies and materials that Daicel has long cultivated, regardless of markets.

Value-providing SBUs

  • Healthcare SBU
  • Smart SBU
  • Safety SBU

Material-providing SBU

  • Material SBU

Organizational Chart[PDF:90KB]

Human Resource Management

We have compiled the basic concepts of personnel policy into Daicel Group's Human Resource Policy and the specific personnel system into Human Resource Management Guidelines to foster a corporate culture where each individual can take a leading role in initiating change.

Human Resource Management

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