Daicel's Commitment to Monozukuri Manufacturing Product Innovation We are employing our proprietary technologies with a focus on markets that are primed for growth. To accelerate development, our engineers and researchers closely monitor the needs of our customers by going directly to the target markets. We are also upgrading our products and technologies through two-way communication with our customers. We are developing distinct businesses with our proprietary technologies by taking on the challenge of developing a variety of technologies and strengthening the functions associated with our products.

Open Innovation Initiative Promoting co-development, collaboration, and industrial cooperation with our partners

Our open laboratory facilities strengthen industrial cooperation and alliance with customers, universities, and research institutes

We maintain open laboratory facilities equipped with a clean room and a multifunctional laboratory capable of performing distillation, synthesis, analysis, and evaluation and the like. We have the capacity to conduct research and development together with customers inside and outside Japan.

Major joint research projects with university research institutes

Osaka University

Joint Research Project in Impact Science
Elucidation of the fundamental principles of impact phenomena generated during combustion of high-energy bodies and joint development of technology applications
Advanced Device Molecular Therapeutics
Development of new molecular therapeutics and their medical applications with the Actranza™ Lab jet injector powered using the combustion energy of gunpowder

Actranza™ lab.

Kanazawa University

Joint Research Project on Leading Science and Technology
Joint Research and Development Project in using natural cellulose fiber for new materials and new derivatives

Hokkaido University

Research to Elucidate Lipid Functionality
Research on the itching reduction and brain function improvement mechanisms of konjak root ceramide

Accelerating the Development of New Businesses with Virtual Lab

Simulation Technology

Simulation technology is a new mechanism for identifying issues from the R&D stage to the production stage and deriving optimal solutions. We are reducing design time, lowering development costs, and accelerating the development of new businesses by utilizing virtual labs as an alternative experimental tool from the initial stage of design.

Facility and Section Intended to Spark Product Innovation!

For accelerating the creation and development of new businesses, we have the Innovation Park where we have brought together our technologies, and our Research Center, a site intended to link our seeds (unique technologies) to customer needs.

Innovation Park

In order to accelerate research and development leading to new businesses while strengthening existing businesses, we have consolidated our R&D division, which conducts functional design, material design, and evaluation, with the Production Technology Division that engages in process design and equipment design. Engineers involved in the R&D, production technology, engineering, and environment and safety fields gather at an office without assigned desks to collaborate with internal divisions such as Sales and Support. As a co-development site for every process from designing and developing new materials to establishing mass-produced technology, this site has accelerated creation of new businesses through Open Innovation.

Locations (Japan)

Research Center

This section combines think tank and research functions that address customer needs on our products and technologies. As a Research Center responsible for the development of composite materials combining inorganic technologies and our unique organic technologies, we are developing designs for new commercial products with open innovation through industry, government, and academia. This section is contributing to the growth of both our new and existing businesses.

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