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Outlook for Recovery of Peracetic Acid Plant of the Ohtake Plant

Regarding our paracetic acid plant of the Ohtake Plant where a fire accident occurred on July 18, 2017, we are currently working on restoring under the approval of relevant authorities.

We estimate that the damaged equipment will have been completely renewed and repaired, and the capability of the equipment will return to its original state will be during a periodical repair in the fall 2018, due to the presence of some long lead items.

Using backup items, we will start manufacturing peracetic acid from the end of November 2017, ensuring production safety. However, the operation will be at up to 50% load of the maximum capability.

From December 2017, we will successively restart the production of other derivatives.
In the meantime, we may cause inconvenience. Your understanding would be greatly appreciated.

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