Daicel Corporation
Outlook for Recovery of Peracetic Acid Plant of the Ohtake Plant (Follow-up Report)

We report the circumstances known at this time, concerning the fire at our peracetic acid plant of the Ohtake Plant on July 18, 2017.

We apologize again for the major inconvenience caused by this accident.

1.Recovery Conditions
We proceeded with repair work of reboiler in B line by using backup items in September. 
In addition, we finished the high pressure gas completion inspection on November 1 and the fire completion inspection on November 2.

2.Plans for recommenced manufacturing
We will start manufacturing peracetic acid from the end of November 2017, while ensuring production safety. However, under initial plans,  operations will only be at up to 50% of the  maximum load capability.

From December 2017, we will successively restart the production of other derivatives.

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