Daicel Corporation
Price Revision of Peracetic Acid Derivatives

Daicel Corporation (President: Misao Fudaba, Head Office: Kita-ku, Osakan) will revise the prices of peracetic acid derivatives (lactone and epoxy products) as explained below.

Since autumn 2017, there has been further increase in prices of crude oil, naphtha and benzene. Additionally, costs of utilities and domestic and international transportation have been rising. Daicel has been making a continuous effort to decrease these costs, but increase of raw fuel and logistics costs exceed the limit of our self-help effort. In order to maintain a stable supply, Daicel takes a shift of increasing costs and correction of profit margin.

1. Products Concerned
   Lactone Products *1
    *1: Placcel

   Epoxy Products *2
    *2: Celloxide, EHPE, Celvenus, Celtop, Cyclomer, Epofriend

2. Revised Prices
    We will notice customers respectively.

3. Date of Price Revision
    Shipment after February 1st, 2018

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