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Pharmaceutical Excipient “GRANFILLER-D®”Listed in “Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients 2018”

Daicel Corporation (President & CEO: Misao Fudaba, Head Office: Kita-ward, Osaka) and Nichirin Chemical Industries, Inc. (President & CEO: Hiroichi Kubo, Head Office: Itami-shi, Hyogo) announce that “GRANFILLER-D” * , an excipient mainly for pharmaceutical fields developed by the two companies, has been listed in the “Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients 2018”.

GRANFILLER-D is a co-processed excipient. Having both high compressibility and fast disintegration functions, it is mainly used for the production of orally disintegrating (OD) tablets.
The Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients is a list of pharmaceutical excipients certified by announcement of the Director General of Pharmaceutical Safety and Environmental Health Bureau, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), listing major excipients which are not listed in the “Japanese Pharmacopoeia”. GRANFILLER-D has been recognized on its increasing adoptions by Japanese pharmaceutical companies and has passed the examniation of MHLW in the update of Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients. Being listed in the Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients leads to easier application of drug products containing GRANFILLER-D to the regulatory authorities.

We will continue to provide a wide range of solutions for pharmaceutical fields, with the full use of our knowledge and latest technologies.

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*  “GRANFILLER-D” is a registered trademark in the United States, the European Union, China, South Korea, Switzerland and Turkey.
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