Daicel Corporation
President’s Message on Dr. Yoshio Okamoto’s Receipt of “2019 Japan Prize”

Dr. Yoshio Okamoto, Distinguished Invited University Professor of Nagoya University, has received the “2019 Japan Prize”. Below is the message from Misao Fudaba, President and CEO of Daicel Corporation, celebrating Dr. Okamoto’s accomplishment.

                     Left:Dr. Yoshio Okamoto

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Yoshio Okamoto, who has been awarded the Japan Prize.

Chiral Separation, one of our main businesses, originated from the world’s first successful synthesis of “one-handed helical polymers” by Dr. Okamoto. He graciously assigned this cutting-edge achievement to us which we were fortunately able to commercialize in 1982.

Additionally, Dr. Okamoto has provided us with continuous guidance to develop “polysaccharide columns”. Nowadays, our chiral columns are utilized by researchers worldwide, as essential tools for research and development, production and quality assurance for organic compounds such as chiral drugs.

By commercializing the achievements of Dr. Okamoto’s research, we are pleased to state that we have been contributing to society through the life science field, such as in the pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, foods and flavor/aroma chemicals.

 This progress is directly attributable to the guidance and advice provided by Dr. Okamoto for 40 years. We would again like to express our sincere appreciation to him.

Dr. Okamoto has received many prizes and commendations, including the Medal with Purple Ribbon and the Japan Academy Prize. The winning of the Japan Prize this time adds a new page to Dr. Okamoto’s brilliant career.

We too are very proud of Dr. Okamoto’s achievement and sincerely hope for his further success.

January 16, 2019
Misao Fudaba
President & CEO, Daicel Corporation