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Daicel Developed Pyro-drive Jet Injector “Actranza™ lab.”for Intracellular Drug Delivery in the Laboratory

Daicel Corporation (Head Office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President & CEO: Misao Fudaba) will start providing its in-house  developed jet injector “Actranza™ lab.” from January 29, 2019 within Japan exclusively.

The Company states its intent to focus on the medical field within the framework of its three-year mid-term plan “3D-III”. A part of this strategy has been work on developing injectable drug delivery devices for medical purposes. Applying Daicel’s pyrotechnic technology, this device has the potential to efficiently deliver large molecules such as plasmid DNA encoding genes into the cells of the administered region. They have recently developed Actranza™ lab. for animal testing in a laboratory, looking ahead to clinical applications in humans.

By providing Actranza™ lab. for research organizations such as pharmaceutical companies or universities, Daicel aims to promote research into human applications. The ultimate goal is to establish a brand-new Drug Delivery System (DDS), which will lead to innovative pharmaceuticals, such as in vivo gene therapeutics, oligonucleotide therapeutics or DNA vaccines.

<About Actranza™ lab.>
A pyro-drive jet injector incorporating technology developed in Daicel’s pyrotechnic business. Actranza™ lab. generates a stream of fluid to penetrate the skin, and effectively deliver the fluid into the tissue. Animal testing has shown that large molecules such as plasmid DNA were delivered into cells of tissue in the administered region using Actranza™ lab.

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