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Daicel’s “Determination of magnitude of display sparkle” Established as JIS

Daicel Corporation (Head office: Kita-ku, Osaka, President& CEO: Yoshimi Ogawa, hereinafter: “Daicel”) and Komatsu NTC Ltd. (Head office: Nanto-shi, Toyama, President& COO: Takahiro Sugino, hereinafter: “Komatsu NTC”) have collaboratively developed a quantification method of sparkle*1 on displays and the method was established as the Japan Industrial Standard (JIS) named “Determination of magnitude of display sparkle” (Standard number: JIS C 1006) as of December 20, 2019.

Daicel proposed this method to the Japanese Standards Association to standardize the method and by using the “New market creation model standardization system *2” the method has been established as a JIS standard for the first time in the world. Conventionally, the degree of sparkle was determined based on subjective human senses (experience and sensitivity of experts). However, Daicel and Komatsu NTC have jointly developed a method and equipment to numerically calculate sparkle.*3

Daicel has long been developing the film business, recently focusing on high performance film business with various added features. Phase separated anti-glare (AG) film, one of the high performance films developed from Daicel’s unique technologies, is utilized for monitors in automobiles such as car navigation systems and displays for smartphones and tablet devices. AG film has the function of reducing glare to make displays easier to read.

It is expected that this standard will promote production development and quality management of AG films with low sparkle performance and will stimulate the market for easy-on-the-eyes displays.

Daicel will continue to conduct active technological development and commercialization of high performance films including AG films aiming to enhance value for users.

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*1 A screen flicker due to an uneven structure on a surface of an anti-glare display causing diffusion of the light from the display.

*2 A system that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry supports to establish a standard without a draft being first created by an industrial organization, in the case of an excellent technology or product which is expected to create a new market or expand an existing market but is unlikely to be adequately evaluated by existing standards and thus become widespread.

*3 The equipment is patented as “Equipment and Method of Determining Sparkle” (Japanese patent number: 6294904)*3. Daicel and Komatsu NTC announced “Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory (RAND)” declaration regarding this patent.