Production Innovations the Daicel way

Production Innovations the Daicel way

"Shift to Creative Work"
- Our employees shift their work to tasks that require more creativity.

Shift to Creative Work

Adopting the concept of the “next-generation chemical plant,” Daicel is adopting production methods that are more worker-friendly.
It is also enhancing productivity through the visual presentation of the expertise available for each function.
This approach has resulted in the emergence of Daicel’s latest breakthrough: The Intelligent and Integrated Production System.
This innovation has optimized operation management in the plant and brings great results.
Adopting the concept of the “next-generation chemical plant, this innovation has optimized operation management in the plant.

Production Innovations by the Daicel Way

We will visualize the expertise and techniques of veteran workers so that all can apply their expertise and techniques to ensure safer operation. In this way, we will promote "people-friendly production.“
We will reinforce our production base for more stable production, and will produce high quality and cost-competitive products. In this way, we will double our productivity.

With the approach of developing the next-generation chemical plants, we have promoted the following three innovations in order to achieve the above goals:
  • ・Innovation in personnel and organization
  • ・Innovation in production systems
  • ・Innovation in information systems
We constructed an Integrated Production Center (IPC) in our Aboshi Plant. It has Intellectual and Integrated functions and the function of developing manufacturing technology. The Nucleus of the IPC is the "Intellectual and Integrated Production System" developed by incorporating the most advanced information technology into the manufacturing technology we have developed through our many years of experience.
We can establish a structure to ensure uniform operation and help all employees apply the expert techniques of highly experienced operators on our knowledge management system by integrating manufacturing techniques, technologies, and expertise. In addition, we can gain an awareness of the status of the entire system, support immediate decision-making, and ensure optimal operation across the entire system.
In addition, our patented business model (production innovation method, method of implementing intelligent production, and intelligent production system) has been considered a significant asset.