Mid-Term Plan"3D-Ⅲ"

3D Step-up Plan - Develop New Value -

The Daicel Group has declared its ambition to become "The company that delivers the best solutions to the global market" by "Grand Vision 2020" as the long-term vision showing goals the Group should be achieving in the decade of 2011- 2020. We are implementing three mid-term plans during this period.

Daicel Group’s Long-Term Vision

Grand Vision 2020

We aim to create five strong new business units that are all

recognized by society and our customers as being the best

in the world, with respective sales in the range of 10 billion yen

In the last mid-term plan"3D-Ⅱ", we achieved our target of operating profits for three consecutive years, despite unachieved sales. However, these achievements are mainly due to the influence of favorable exchange rates and a decline in raw material/fuel prices, and there were several unmet targets.
Amidst these rapid environmental changes, we regard this situation as an opportunity for growth and will accelerate our efforts by changing our work style. With the development of new technologies, greater globalization, and the pursuit of security, safety and advances in health, the world will continue to evolve and the functions demanded from society will grow more and more diverse. We will realize steady growth by continuing to offer solutions to society.

Grand Vision 2020

The environment in which growth was achieved with conventional methods and ways of working is changing rapidly

Foundational Ways of Thinking

Change Mindset
3C Spirit “Change, Challenge, Courage”

  • Change:We will CHANGE our approach to inventing strategies by abolishing
    simple extensions of conventional thinking.
  • Challenge:We will continue to CHALLENGE ourselves to break down the status quo and accomplish major results and growth.
  • Courage:We will have the COURAGE to jump into new areas

Change actions, working environment

  • Change actions
    • Change to business unit (BU) approach in planning and carrying out strategies
    • Integration of diversified values and common cultural grounds forming the company
    • Accelerate all business actions and processes, including decision making
  • Change working environment
    • Prepare and develop environment to accelerate innovation
    • Proactive utilization of IoT and Big Data

Basic Strategies for Continuous Growth

  • 1)1. From the point of view of growth potential and profitability, divide the business of each segment into the Growth business
    unit(BU), the foundation BU and reorganization BU, promote growth through priority allocation of resources to the Growth BU, based on the "selection and concentration".
  • 2)Accelerate the creation and growth of new BU, through M&A, etc.

Performance Targets

FY2019  Sales 500 billion yen
Operating profits 70 billion yen

< Important operating indices>
Return on Equity (ROE) and Operating Profit Ratio

The creation of new business units

We are setting “We should establish five new business units, each capable of achieving sales of \10 billion.” as the target in our Long-Term Vision “Grand Vision 2020”.
During 3D-Ⅰ and 3D-Ⅱ, we nurtured New BU prospects including "Medical / health care", "Cosmetics", "Performance film", "Electronic materials" and "Optical parts" .
In 3D-III, we will strategically allocate management resources to these new BU prospects.

The creation of new business units
【The creation of new business units】
Strategically allocate management resources during 3D-Ⅲ
<New BU Prospects>
The creation of new business units

Mid-Term Plan"3D-Ⅲ"

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Mid-Term Plan"3D-Ⅱ"

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Mid-Term Plan"3D-Ⅰ"

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