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R&D for meeting real needs
Since its founding in 1919 as a chemical manufacturer, Daicel has been providing society with unique products such as cellulose derivatives, acetic acid, and pyrotechnic devices by making use of unique proprietary technologies. As part of our second long-term plan spanning the period fiscal 2000–10, we have implemented an innovation initiative underpinned by our two technical strategies of "product innovation" and "process innovation." Under this plan, we have developed highly functional and advanced products as typified by automobile airbag inflators, polarizing plate protective films for LCDs, and polymers for next-generation photo-resists.
In recent years, there have been rapid changes in the chemical and material sectors also, with intensified global competition and promoted production of commodity products. Amid such circumstances, in 2010 Daicel formulated the long-term Grand Vision 2020 and adopted the slogan "The Best Solution for You." This effort is intended to reflect the company as the world's "best solution" company. Moreover, in order to provide products and technologies that meet the real needs of markets and customers, we are developing a variety of innovative features and technologies. For our current product lines, we are focused on improving functionality and quality. In the area of manufacturing technology, we are pursuing technological breakthroughs that enable us to dramatically reduce our consumption of energy and other resources through process substitution and raw material substitution. In this way, we are helping to preserve the global environment and solve the issues of resource and energy depletion.
Research & Development Policies
We are employing our core technologies to create significant value and offer optimal solutions across a variety of industries through products such as new materials, electronic materials, functional films, bio/life science products, and environmental products while focusing our research and development on the betterment of society.
Research & Development Initiatives
To become an ideal company as declared in our long-term Grand Vision 2020, we have determined the need to establish five new business units.
A Diverse Approach to Promoting Research
We introduce our research promotion initiatives, research and information initiatives, intellectual property initiatives and other initiatives.
The Structure and Foundation of Our Research and Development Approach
Our Corporate Research Center, the foundation of our corporate research, is located inside our three sites: Central Research Center in the city of Himeji, Hyogo prefecture; Kanzaki Plant in the city of Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture; and Arai Plant in the city of Myoko, Niigata prefecture.To fulfill our missions of exploration and demonstration, Advanced Materials Research Center was established in April 2014 with an aim to create new businesses from a mid- to long- term viewpoint.
Newly developed products
We have been working to develop a variety of products.