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Newly developed products

We have been working to develop a variety of products, setting the main target segments as electronics, energy & environment, and medical & health care. Here, we will present some of the products newly developed by Corporate R & D. Please also refer to each business division site.
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  • Nanodiamonds

    Diamond particles having an average size of 4 ~ 5nm are generated by detonating mixed explosives in sealed conditions. Our detonation pilot facility began operations in 2014.
    Moreover,through the chemical purification and the disintegration treatment of the crude product obtained by detonation, we have succeeded in developing a water dispersion of single-digit nanodiamonds. Daicel is now developing various applications, taking advantage of these unique characteristics.

    Contact: Daicel Corporation
    R&D Headquarters Market Development
    TEL. +81 (0)3-6711-3542

  • Temporary adhesive
    Temporary adhesive

    Our proprietary compounding technique has enabled adhesion and separation of this functional material.
    Because of its high adhesiveness in a wide range of temperatures and its ease of separation, it is being applied to semiconductor packaging process materials.

    Contact: Daicel Corporation
    R&D Headquarters Advanced Materials Planning
    TEL. +81 (0)3-6711-8162

  • Equol (FlavoCel™)
    Equol (FlavoCel™)

    We produce Equol by the fermentation method based on our long-nurtured microbial biotechnology.
    Equol is an attention-getting material as a next-generation isoflavone with expected anti-aging efficacy.

    Contact: Daicel Corporation
    Organic Chemical Products Company Organic Chemical Marketing Group Marketing 2
    TEL. +81 (0)3-6711-8211

  • High performance film
    High performance film

    Daicel has derived a variety of hard-coat films from its proprietary coating technologies and is disposed to developing products to customer requirements. Product lineups include anti-glare films that reduce the sparkling of high-definition displays, shatterproof films for capacitance touch panel backing that keep watermarks from forming, anti-newton ring films of ultra-long life for resistance touch panels, stylus films that improve writing performance to pencil-like quality, smooth contact films that fingers glide over, and high hardness films that stand up to scratching and other potential damage caused by everyday use.

    Contact: Daicel Corporation
    R&D Headquarters High Performance Film Business Development
    TEL. +81 (0)3-6711-8166

    For more information on High performance film, click here.
  • CO-processed excipient for orally disintegrating tablets (GRANFILLER-D™)
    Co-processed excipient for orally disintegrating tablets (GRANFILLER-D™)

    GRANFILLER-D is a co-processed excipient used for manufacturing orally disintegrating tablets.
    This excipient, functionally designed by original composition and granulating conditions using multiple official excipients, has attained both sufficient tablet hardness and quick oral disintegration. Furthermore, its high dose capacity is expected to reduce tablet size, while its excellent water conductivity will realize faster disintegration than conventional technologies can.

    Contact: Daicel FineChem Limited
    New Business Planning
    TEL: +81-(0)6-7639-7471

  • Silver nano ink (Picosil™)
    Silver nano ink (Picosil™)

    Picosil is an electroconductive silver nano ink intended for direct drawing of bezel electrodes for touch panels, organic ELs and finger and bus electrodes for solar cells. It can be sintered quickly at low temperature, as low as 120℃. Its high-metal-loaded paste enables forming thick line, achieving low resistance with narrow line width.

    Contact: Daicel Corporation
    R&D Headquarters Market Development
    TEL. +81 (0)3-6711-8152

  • Visible light responsive photocatalyst (CelMuse™)
    Visible light responsive photocatalyst (CelMuse™)

    While conventional photocatalysts are mostly of outdoor ultraviolet light responsive type, Daicel has succeeded in developing a visible light responsive catalyst that responds to fluorescent light and low-intensity indoor light, such as LEDs. It is used for a variety of purposes, including interior and coating materials and filters.

    Contact: Daicel FineChem Limited
    New Business Planning
    TEL: +81-(0)3-5643-3583