R&D Policy

The manufacturing technologies and assembly processing technologies we employ are based on material chemistry and chemical engineering and benefit from our expertise in pyrotechnic engineering as well as organic, cellulose, and polymer chemistry. As the Research & Development Department, we remain focused on devising world-leading solutions through creativity and innovation.

Establishment of New Business Units

In order to accelerate the development of new businesses — the driving force of our sustainable growth — we aim to establish new business units with an emphasis on our electronics field and our medical and health care field.

Medical & Health Care & Electronics

Our Corporate Research Department is engaged in research & development initiatives to develop innovative technologies and accelerate their commercialization through open innovation and concurrent engineering. Our objective is to accelerate the development of new business while strengthening our existing businesses.
In addition, all departments of our internal companies are engaged in research & development specific to particular business strategies.

Development of Innovative Technologies & Accelerating Commercialization

Medical & Health Care & Electronics