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A Diverse Approach to Promoting Research

Technology diagram

The following diagram shows our core technologies. We will establish our technical platform as we use these core technologies effectively and promote their development.
Technology diagram
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Research promotion initiatives

In the Corporate Research Department, we are carrying out the function of effectively promoting research in various divisions by integrating the research themes and research resources of our corporate divisions. We aim to undertake research and development for our internal companies based on our business strategies, create new businesses, and formulate elemental technologies. Following our analysis of the proposed company-wide research themes, we provide management with monthly reports on the state of progress of our research and development as well as our research themes. Moreover, we hold periodic meetings to report the research progress of each company and corporate division, the research results of young researchers, the results of business creation initiatives, and so on.
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Research and information initiatives

To support various projects and research, our Research & Information Group assumes the role of helping to obtain necessary information to advance various projects and research. This group provides and utilizes precise market survey information and technical information — obtained from the survey database and outside survey companies— to meet the needs of researchers.
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Intellectual property initiatives

Intellectual property issues are handled by our Intellectual Property Center. This entity deals in the management of company-wide intellectual property (such as patents and trademarks), discovery of inventions, securing of applications and copyrights, intellectual property disputes, and negotiations of licenses and contracts and the like. In relation to R&D, the Intellectual Property, Research and Development, and Planning Divisions are working together as a three-party team to undertake our intellectual property initiatives. In order to ensure we have technology rights superior to those of other companies, we need to establish our own technological rights network based on data regarding market information and the rights of other companies. Through this three-party team involved in intellectual property initiatives, we are concentrating the wisdom of all concerned. We are focused on preparing a patent application reward system and patent record reward system to enable all researchers to strongly recognize the importance of their own inventions while enhancing our invention proposal system.
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External cooperation

There exist many fields in which we cannot effectively advance research and development on our own, especially when rush results are required. With regard to new fields and new technologies, we promote outsourcing of research and cooperation with universities and public research institutions. We undertake annual reviews of cases of research outsourcing, joint research, and grants-in-aid to universities. We analyze the following aspects and integrate the results into the Research Division:
• whether the research adheres to our R&D plans;
• whether it is extremely one-sided; and
• whether it covers our field of focus.
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Developing researchers

It goes without saying that the researcher is the most important factor in advancing R&D and achieving success. We are dedicated to devising systems and structures that do not hinder the inspiration of researchers while maintaining an ideal research environment. At the same time, we are concentrating our efforts on training researchers.
Through our engineer training program, we systematically provide the technology and knowledge that corporate engineers and researchers must acquire.
In order to nurture the proper mindset among researchers, we offer a training system, covering every step from novice researcher to research leader/manager, that shapes attitudes and teaches the proper behavior for a corporate researcher. Through this training, we aspire to cultivate researchers who are capable of profound thought while remaining vigorously active.