Sustainability Daicel Group Code of Conduct

Daicel Group has implemented a Sustainable Management Policy that is deeply rooted in one of our founding principles of co-creating value to achieve a better quality of life for all. Our objective is to contribute to the sustainable development of society. As part of the policy implementation, all Daicel group employees, including executives, have committed to follow the “Daicel Group Code of Conduct,” a set of guidelines highlighting acceptable and expected ethical behavior.

In order to survive in an increasingly diverse global society, we establish group ethical norms that universally apply to all areas of corporate activity.

By committing to these policies and applying them in our daily business practices, our employees consistently conduct business with strong morals, integrity, and the highest standards of ethics. These efforts demonstrate Daicel’s good corporate citizenship and integrity.

Daicel Group Code of Conduct

  1. 1We conduct ourselves with strong moral and ethical standards.
  2. 2We treat others with dignity and respect.
  3. 3Though we have independent thoughts and actions, we collaborate to achieve optimal result as necessary.
  4. 4We create a "future of promise" for all by embracing new perspectives, adopting a mindset of change, and embracing the spirit of challenge.
  5. 5We proactively engage with individuals beyond our organization, fostering new benefits by promoting open partnerships with diverse companies and entities.
  6. 6We recognize that safety, quality, and compliance are the pillars of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, we prioritize them in our daily operations, continually striving to meet the expectations and earn the trust of our customers and society.

Revised April 1, 2023