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Celloxide 2021P®
  Caprolactone Series
Celloxide 2021P® is a cycloaliphatic (alicyclic) epoxy resin that is manufactured in Japan through Daicel’s very own special technology. This unique technique is achieved by an oxidation reaction with peracetic acid. Unlike epi-bis type epoxy resin for general use, it is characterized by being a liquid with low viscosity and having an extreme low content of chlorine. Celloxide 2021P® is cured with an acid anhydride curing agent to achieve cure products that are excellent in transparency. It has a high heat distortion temperature as well as, high electrical insulating property. Therefore, it has many uses as for example in coatings, adhesives, electronic, sealing agent (LED), composites (FRP). It can also be used in applications such as stabilizing agent as an acid catcher for lubricant oils, halogen compounds or coating by cationic curing.   Placcel® M Caprolactone monomer is a 7 membered lactone (e – caprolactone) with excellent chemical reactivity. Several types of resins and organic compounds can be modified with Placcel® M to improve compatibility, solubility, flexibility and reactivity. Polycaprolactone-diol (Placcel® 200 series) has excellent weather and heat resistant in comparison to polyether. It is also superior to adipate polyester in terms of hydrolytic resistance. Polycaprolactone-triol (Placcel® 300 series) are terminated with three hydroxyl groups in each molecular. These can be applied to coating materials and additives that require flexibility. They can also be used as raw materials for urethanes foam to improve excellent low-temperature properties at lower temperatures. Polycaprolactone-F (Placcel®F Series) are novel macro monomers having a (meth) acrylic double bond which can be radical-polymerized. It also has a primary hydroxyl group with high reactivity when curing agents are introduced into a polycaprolactone oligomer. Polycaprolacton-H (Placcel® H1P molecular weight 10,000) is a highly crystalline thermoplastic aliphatic polyester resin with a melting point of 60°C.

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From South

  • Take I-95 South.
  • Take the George Washington Bridge - Upper Level - to New Jersey, keeping right.
  • Take Fort Lee (US-9W)/Palisades PKWY Exit. It's the first exit after the bridge.
  • Follow signs for Center Avenue, Fort Lee Exit.
  • Go up ramp to light, make right onto Center Avenue.
  • Proceed to Bridge Plaza North light and Make left onto Bridge Plaza North and keep left.
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  • Go through traffic light, make right on to Lewis St. at next corner, and you can find the back entrance of "Parker Plaza" building.
    Or, make right onto Fletcher Avenue and make right again onto Kelby St. Then you can find the main entrance on your right side.
  • Take I-95 North
  • Follow signs for WASHINGTON BR. and take local lanes.
  • Take exit 72, while at the light, you will see a brown "Parker Plaza" building in front to the right.
  • Pass the light, and you can find the main entrance on your right side.

On Lewis Street, you can find entrance on your right side.
There is another entrance on Kelby Street. Daicel (U.S.A.), Inc. is located on the 7th floor.
Please ask building people where should you park, or you can find coin parking on Lewis street.
Please note almost every street around our office is one way, and Kelby Street is very short (actually only beside the building) and difficult to find its sign.