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Products list

♦Epoxy resins

  • Celloxide
    Monomer & alicyclic epoxy resins
  • EHPE
    Methacrylate monomers with alicyclic epoxy group
  • Epolead
    Multi functioned alicyclic epoxy group
  • Cyclomer
  • Epofriend
    Thermoplastic rubber elastic material that features excellent compatibility with polar plastics; good adhesion to various materials; and reactivity due to its epoxy group

♦Caprolactone derivatives

  • Caprolactone monomer
    A cyclic ester, a member of the lactone family, with a seven-membered ring with the formula (CH2)5CO2. This colorless liquid is miscible with most organic solvents and used in the manufacture of highly specialized polymers. For example, ring-opening polymerization gives polycaprolactone.
  • Placcel 200
    Polycaprolactonediol is superior to polyether in terms of weather and heat resistance, and is superior to adipate polyester in terms of hydrolytic resistance.
  • Placcel 300
    Applicable to coating materials and additives that require
  • Placcel 400
  • Placcel CD
  • Placcel F
  • Placcel H

♦Performance chemicals

  • Polyglycerine
    Polyglycerol derivertives based on glycidol derivertives.

♦Organic Chemical products

♦Resist monomers for ArF lithography

  • Resist monomer
    Functional monomers for synthesis of photoresist materials