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Butyl glycol acetate
IUPAC or Common name Ethylene glycol monobuthyl ether acetate
Mole. Wt. 160.20
Composition formula C8H16O3
CAS No. 112-07-2
Application Solvent' Thinner for LCD and Semiconductor' Cleaner for LCD' Rinse for semiconductor' Solvent for resist
Packing Iron drum(180kg)

♦Product standard

Appearance Colorless liquid
Color (HAZEN) 15 max
Specific Gravity (20/20℃) 0.938 to 0.942
Purity (%) 98.0 min
Water (%) 0.2 max
Acidity (% by wt) 0.1 max
*Please look at MSDS about detailed product information, including regulation relation etc.