Sustainability / Social Report Contribution to Local Communities and Society

Basic Approach

The Daicel Group respects the customs and cultures of the local communities connected to the Group through its business activities, and it maintains and enhances its good relationships with those local communities by providing relevant information, carrying out appropriate dialogues, and contributing to local community developments.
These efforts are in keeping with the Ethical Standards of Daicel Group (3) Sustainability, environmental conservation, and social responsibility (v) Contribution to local communities: Engaging with local communities is essential to being responsible corporate citizens. Daicel builds relationships with various local communities to understand their needs and priorities, to collaborate with community members and organizations, to help align our contributions with the communities’ specific needs, and to foster meaningful partnerships that drive positive change. Based on this code, we communicate with the local communities where we are located, as well as engage in a wide range of activities such as fostering the next generation and volunteering, in order to symbiotically contribute to the development of the community.

Supporting Future Generations

A Visit to Schools Jointly Organized by the Seven Daicel Group Companies in China

The seven Daicel Group companies in China initiated their first joint support program for education on September 22, 2022. The representatives from the seven Daicel Group companies visited eight schools, together with government officials and Shengli Village representatives, and donated scholarships and school supplies to 259 children. Shengli Village is located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region in Southern China.
In order to ensure that the activities are comprehensive, the representatives of the Group companies and the village held multiple discussions in order to understand the children’s study and living environment and to grasp their needs.
In addition to donating scholarships and school uniforms, sports equipment such as basketballs, ping pong tables, jumping ropes, and hula hoops were given to each school. Participating Daicel employees commented that they were very happy to have received an enthusiastic welcome and words of joy from the teachers and students.

The Daicel Group considers this activity an important social contribution for the sound upbringing of children. We hope that these children will grow up with hope in their hearts as they dream of the future.

Tuition Support for University Students from Danyang City

Since FY2013/3, Daicel Safety Systems Jiangsu (DSSC) has offered scholarships to university students from Danyang City, Jiangsu Province who are having difficulty paying their tuition due to family circumstances. The scholarships are administered through the Danyang Charity Association.
Scholarship funds were provided to five students in FY2023/3.
On August 16, 2022, the five recipients were invited to DSSC for a signing ceremony. The DSSC president gave words of encouragement to the students, and each of the students introduced themselves and spoke about their aspirations.
This support is not limited to simply providing scholarship money. DSSC employees held a debriefing session with the students about their university life and future career paths upon graduation, and we maintain communication with the students, asking for post-graduation updates, etc.
We hope that the young people from Danyang who we support through this activity will play an active role in the future and contribute to developing the community.

Interaction with the Local Community

Communication with Local Residents at Fuji Plant in Japan

Since 1974, Polyplastics Co., Ltd. (Polyplastics’ Fuji Plant) has regularly invited local residents to exchange opinions on the environment, health, and safety.
These discussions were suspended for three years due to COVID-19, but face-to-face discussions resumed on June 28, 2022, with thorough infection measures in place. Sixteen local residents participated. The event also included a plant tour, an introduction to the company’s initiatives and a visit to the company’s new F-BASE building that was completed in January 2021. Such activities provide an opportunity to further deepen understanding of Fuji Plant’s initiatives. The opinions and requests provided by local residents during the opinion exchange were discussed internally; improvements were made, and the details of these improvements will be reported.
In 2016, Fuji Plant received the RC Excellence Award at the Japan Chemical Industry Association’s 10th Responsible Care (RC) Awards in recognition of its ongoing exchange of opinions with local residents. Fuji Plant also received the association’s RC Effort Award for its proactive approach to communicating with local residents during the COVID-19 pandemic while giving consideration to safety. Going forward, Fuji Plant will continue to communicate with local residents to deepen mutual understanding and build a relationship of trust.

Cleanup Activities Around the World

The Daicel Group actively participates in cleanup activities in the communities where our sites are located, as we strive to beautify the community, preserve the natural environment, and promote interaction and communication with local residents.

Participated in the “100,000 People Clean Our Town Campaign” Sponsored by Amagasaki City in Japan

On June 17, 2022, Daicel Corporation and Daicel Value Coating Ltd. participated in the “100,000 People Clean Our Town Campaign” organized by Amagasaki City, in which the Kanzaki Plant is located. Around 100 employees participated by cleaning the area around Kanzaki Plant. This campaign, a joint effort by Amagasaki, local citizens, and business volunteers, has been held regularly since 2008 with the aims of having citizens beautify the town themselves, fostering awareness of one’s own municipality and promoting the creation of a bright and comfortable town. Both companies agree with the aims of the campaign and have been participating since the beginning as part of their efforts to interact with local residents.

Cleanup Event at the Beach in Miyajima World Heritage Site in Japan

Daicel Corporation participates in the GREEN SEA Setouchi Hiroshima Platform (GSHIP), a public-private partnership organization that aims to reduce the amount of plastic waste flowing into the Seto Inland Sea to zero by 2050. On March 25, 2023, GSHIP held a cleanup event in Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture. A total of 144 people from children to adults participated, including 13 people from Daicel Corporation.
This cleanup event collected 144 kg of garbage in total. In particular, large amounts of styrofoam and plastic pipes used for oyster farming as well as plastics used in daily life were collected.

In addition to these events, cleanup activities were conducted in various locations in Japan near Daicel Group’s business sites, including the Nira River (Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture), the Ibo River (Tatsuno City, Hyogo Prefecture), Himeji City (Hyogo Prefecture), and Naoetsu Kaigan Funami Park (Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture).

Participation in a Clean-Up Event of Arbor Adopt-A-Park in the State of Michigan, U.S.

A group of volunteers from Daicel Arbor Biosciences participated in the second annual Daicel Arbor Adopt-A-Park event on May 6, 2022.
Organized by the Arbor Actioners, nearly 20 volunteers picked up trash along the trails and nature areas of Peninsular Park in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Although it was wet, the volunteers worked hard to collect as much trash and debris as possible. In the end, the group collected a total of 23 bags of trash - plus a chair and several large hunks of metal, helping to spruce up the park.

Voluntary Activities

CSR Activities for Community and Society in Prachinburi, Thailand

Daicel Safety Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (DSST) continuously works on a variety of CSR activities that involve cooperating with people in the community.

Monthly Community Visits

DSST employees carry out visits to the community every month to promote mutual understanding with the local community in the vicinity of our business sites.
On the day of the visit, several DSST employees visit nearby temples and community representatives to pray with Buddhist monks for the health of residents. Some 95% of Thai people are Buddhist, and the religion is deeply rooted in the lives and customs of local residents. The regular visit each month leads to a promotion of mutual understanding with the local community.

A visit to former community leaders
Donating money and offerings to charity on the occasion of important Buddhist days

A Donation to a Governmental Organization for Occupational Skill Development (Skill Development Foundation)

DSST contributes to a governmental organization to support programs for the skill development of local residents. It is aimed at supporting those who have fewer chances to develop their skills for some reason or other.

To support the venue for the skill development Seminar project

A Support Activity for Local Children (Daicel Sharing Happiness to Community Project)

DSST worked on the support activity “Daicel Sharing Happiness to Community Project” on November 11, 2022. This support activity is aimed at improving the learning environment for local children and promoting mutual understanding with local residents through communication between employees and children.
On the day of the event, employees and local residents worked together to improve the children’s learning environment by repainting the walls and road surfaces of an outdated elementary school building. DSST also donated scholarships to students and provided food aid to local residents.

Repainting road surfaces
Donating money to the temple

In addition, DSST worked on various activities throughout the year, such as donating money and candles to temples near its business sites, and blood donations by employees.
DSST will continue to deepen communication with local residents and contribute to the development of the local community.

Comfort Activities at a Nursing Home in Shanghai, China

Daicel Chiral Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. (DCTC) participated in comfort activities at a nursing home in Shanghai on December 15, 2022.
Two company representatives visited the facility with a volunteer organization that supports dementia patients. DCTC donated items that had been requested by the residents, such as heaters for the cold winter months and magnifying glasses to make it easier to see screen text during online medical care sessions.
The volunteer organization that DCTC worked with research approaches to dementia through art and exercise to help improve patients’ quality of life, and it conducts regular art and exercise activities.
In the future, DCTC would like to hold events where residents and its employees can interact, such as painting or dancing together.

Food Donations in Singapore to Reduce Food Loss

Daicel (Asia), in cooperation with the non-profit Food Bank, held an event on November 22, 2022, to reduce food loss.
The activity involved purchasing food from Food Bank that had no quality issues but was no longer sold to consumers and donating it to charity.
On the day of the event, Food Bank staff supervised Daicel staff as they packed food into individual bags and handed them out to local residents. It was almost as if Daicel Asia staffs were giving them an early Christmas gift. They were very happy to receive the gifts.
This was the first time for Daicel to conduct a food loss reduction activity with all its employees, so the activity not only enhanced the sense of unity among employees but also provided a good opportunity to think about sustainability.

A Support Activity for Ukrainian Refugees in Poland

Poland is a neighbor of Ukraine and has been a refuge for many displaced people from the war in Ukraine, which started in February 2022. In the first months of the war, approximately three million people, mostly women and children, evacuated to seek a safe place to live. The Polish government established shelters in rural areas.
During March and April, the town of Zarow, where Daicel Safety Systems Europe Sp. z o.o. (DSSE) is located, worked to secure food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities of life to accommodate 496 refugees, including 170 children.
DSSE also cooperated with the town and made a donation to support the refugees. The donation was to provide one month’s worth of living expenses (electricity, water, shelter, food, etc.) to four families.
In addition, employees organized fundraising activities and donated school supplies, toys, strollers, bicycles, and other items to help the children get back to their normal lives as much as possible.
DSSE cooperated with public institutions and residents in providing a safe place for refugees from Ukraine.