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Basic Approach

The Daicel Group implements personnel measures in accordance with its Human Resource Policy and Human Resource Guidelines.
In its Sustainability Management Policy, the Daicel Group clearly states its commitment to realizing a sustainable society and expanding business by promoting human-centered management. This type of management enables diverse employees to grow while establishing their own presence and achieving fulfillment. In accordance with this approach, the Group is creating a workplace environment that supports diversified human resources and in which each employee can fully demonstrate their talents.

Our Structure for Promoting Diversity

The Human Resources Division supervised by the director responsible for this area leads the Company’s human asset management, in which a CAPD cycle* is applied for planning and implementing specific measures. The measures that are important from a management perspective are submitted for deliberation in major meetings such as the Management Meeting and Planning Meeting.
In addition, based on “sustainable people,” one of our sustainable management policies, we have set “diversity and inclusion” as one of our key management issues. We are promoting measures according to the situation of each Daicel Group company.

*Instead of a Plan, Do, Check, and Act (PDCA) cycle, the most widely known approach to continuous improvement, Daicel has adopted a CAPD improvement cycle to avoid the risk of overlooking crucial facts and realities that often lie hidden in the initial planning stage.

Initiatives for Promoting Diversity

Daicel promotes diversity with a focus on advancing female employees. In order to support the career development of motivated women and create workplaces that cater to everyone’s needs, we promote initiatives related to remote work and raising the annual paid leave usage ratio. As a result, these efforts are leading to the creation of workplaces and systems not only for women but also for a diverse group of employees so that they can fully demonstrate their talents. In its recruitment activities, the Group places emphasis on securing talented individuals regardless of gender or nationality, with “human resources who value communication between people from the standpoint and perspective of others” and “human resources who have passion and attachment to issues and take responsibility until the end.” Daicel is also working to achieve a diversity ratio of 30%.
In addition, we are actively recruiting experienced employees to ensure diversity not only by attributes such as gender and nationality but also by experience, different cultures, and areas of expertise. We aim to create an organization where each and every one of our diverse employees can make the most of their individual abilities and individuality so that they all achieve self-fulfillment.

Promoting Diversity and Reforming Work Styles

Promoting Diversity and Reforming Work Styles

Helping Women Earn Career Success

Since we formulated an action plan based on Japan’s Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace in April 2016, we have been actively recruiting female employees and training female leaders, and have established a system that allows employees to choose their own work style according to their life stage.

Received certification a Leading Company for Women’s Advancement from Osaka city in FY2020/3

Received certification a Leading Company for Women’s Advancement from Osaka city

Received Eruboshi certification (3 stars) in FY2021/3

Received Eruboshi certification (3 stars)

Action Plan Based on Japan’s Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

Period: April 2021 to March 31, 2026


  • Target 1Maintain at least two female directors, including executive officers
  • Target 2Increase the ratio of women in management positions to at least 10%
  • Target 3Raise the ratio of women in positions immediately under section managers to 15% or higher
  • Target 4Ensure that all employees take a five-day vacation once a year using paid leave and designated national holidays.

Trend in Number and Ratio of Female Managers

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FY2017/3 FY2018/3 FY2019/3 FY2020/3 FY2021/3 FY2022/3 FY2023/3
12 16 25 29 28 34 38
1.6% 2.1% 3.1% 3.6% 3.5% 4.3% 4.9%

Trend in Number and Ratio of Women in Positions Immediately under Section Managers

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FY2017/3 FY2018/3 FY2019/3 FY2020/3 FY2021/3 FY2022/3 FY2023/3
29 36 35 42 47 52 56
6.7% 7.8% 7.2% 8.5% 8.9% 10.0% 10.0%

TOPICSNetworking Events for Female Managers in Group Companies

In FY2023/3, Daicel and the Daicel Group company Polyplastics Co., Ltd. held a networking event for female managers, in which highly experienced women with different skills were invited to a venue where they could share opinions, information, and current conditions with one another, so that they might further improve their sense of solidarity.
On that day, 37 female managers participated in the event, which became an occasion for creating cross-organizational ties among the participants. Some of the comments from women present include: “I was able to exchange diverse opinions with a wide variety of people” and “I got to know employees whom I have never encountered before.”

Networking Events for Female Managers in Group Companies

TOPICSA networking event for female managers (Happy Career) held jointly by 15 companies

Ten Daicel employees participated in an online networking event held in FY2023/3 for female managers in their late 20s to early 30s, co-hosted by 15 companies participating in the Diversity West Japan Study Group.
About 10 female managers from each company participated in the event and exchanged opinions about balancing work and child-rearing, and their future careers. Comments from managers who participated included, “I was able to resolve some of my concerns,” and “it was stimulating to exchange opinions with other managers who are around the same age.”

Executive Mentor System

As the number of men and woman in every job-grade and occupation approaches parity, one of our principal objectives is to build an organization that can make management decisions based on more diverse viewpoints. In order to achieve this, our two goals are to increase the number of female directors and internally promote female directors.
One of the policies for achieving these goals is our Executive Mentor System, which was instituted in FY2022/3, and is directed at female managers. Under this system, female managers meet with directors regularly and, through discussions with them, broaden their outlook and learn to adopt managerial attitudes.

Executive Mentor System

Declaration of Support for KEIDANREN’s “#Here We Go 203030 Challenge Initiatives for 30% of Executives to be Women by 2030”

“The NEW Growth Strategy” announced by KEIDANREN (Japan Business Federation) in November 2020 focuses on diversity and inclusion as the key drivers for achieving sustainable growth. It upholds the goal of raising the ratio of female executives to 30% or more by 2030. Daicel declared its support for this goal on April 5, 2021.

<About KEIDANREN’s “Challenge Initiatives for 30% of Executives to be Women by 2030”>
This is a goal based on the “The New Growth Strategy” announced by KEIDANREN in November 2020, and it is guided by the following four points.

  1. (1)Positioning diversity and inclusion as key corporate strategies, we will carry out initiatives that lead to business impact.
  2. (2)By focusing on boards of directors, the decision-making bodies of companies, we will accelerate initiatives to apply the perspectives of a diverse range of people, including women, to the execution of operations and governance.
  3. (3)We will provide support in line with each career stage, from hiring to leadership development including identifying candidates, in order to strengthen the talent pipeline.
  4. (4)We will pursue the creation of organizations and environments that can maximize the performance of all employees by breaking away from previous employment practices and reforming the organizational culture.
KEIDANREN’s “Challenge Initiatives for 30% of Executives to be Women by 2030

Keidanren “Challenge Initiatives for 30% of Executives to be Women by 2030”

Advancing the Careers of Non-Japanese Employees

Daicel provides the following assistance when hiring non-Japanese employees.

  • Assistance with visa application procedures
  • Explanation on company systems (policies, personnel system and other issues)
  • Information required for working in Japan

As of March 31, 2023, there are 24 non-Japanese employees working at Group companies in Japan.

Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Daicel systematically hires persons with disabilities and creates workplace environments that enable them to fully demonstrate their individual abilities. This is done to fulfill its social responsibility of maintaining the ratio of persons with disabilities in the total workforce above the statutory employment rate and also to provide support so that persons with disabilities can contribute as members of society.
As of June 1, 2023, the rate of persons with disabilities in the total workforce was 3.29% (non-consolidated), which is above the statutory requirement. We aim to ensure that each individual can contribute in the best possible way at each worksite.

Ratio of Persons with Disabilities in the Total Workforce (non-consolidated)

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FY2020/3 FY2021/3 FY2022/3 FY2023/3 FY2024/3
Ratio of persons with disabilities in the total workforce 2.17% 2.17% 2.43% 2.88% 3.29%
  • *The statutory employment rate in Japan was set at 2.0% up to March 31, 2018, 2.2% from April 1, 2018, and 2.3% from March 1, 2021.
  • *The results are as of June 1 of each fiscal year.

TOPICSSeminars on Fostering Supporters for Workers with Mental or Developmental Disorders

Daicel invited two Employment Assistants for employees with mental disorders from the Employment Service Center in Umeda City to the Osaka Head Office to provide lectures for deepening our understanding of these disorders. We held three online seminars on fostering supporters for workers with mental or developmental disorders (two hours each), which were attended by a total of 90 employees mainly from the administration division of each business site.

During the seminars, the Employment Assistants offered basic information on mental and developmental disorders, explained what those who have them are capable of achieving, and then answered questions from the attendees. Since some attendees worked with people who have these disorders, their questions were based on their own experiences. This made the seminars more valuable because the participants could learn from each other as well.

We intend to continue holding these seminars on a regular basis with the aim of creating workplaces where employees with these disorders can work with a sense of security.

Encouraging Senior Employees to Remain Active in the Workforce

Daicel has a system in place that allows employees who have reached the retirement age of 60 to continue working for the Company and use their extensive knowledge and experience in the workforce. In accordance with the revised Law Concerning Stabilization of Employment of Older Persons, the system applies to employees seeking to continue to work to the age of 65.
In FY2023/3, 74 out of 84 employees who reached that age were re-employed under the system, and 264 senior employees are currently working at the Company after passing their retirement age as of March 31, 2023. Daicel will continue to maintain working environments where veteran employees can make use of their careers, knowledge, and experience.

ESG DataNumber of Senior employees

TOPICSLife Planning Seminars

We have held Life Planning Seminars for employees between the ages of 55 and 59, covering topics related to their post-retirement life, such as health and receiving pensions. They consist of a Health Care Seminar from a public health nurse, explanations about the pension system and post-retirement re-employment system from the Human Resources Group, and a Second Life Seminar by Nippon Life Insurance Company. We are engaged in proactive efforts to ensure that our retirees have the information they need to lead active and fulfilling lives.

Consideration of Employees Identifying as LGBT

The Daicel Group aims to create attractive workplaces in which every employee, including those identifying as LGBT, can fully demonstrate their abilities. We set up an LGBT consultation desk in April 2019 toward creating an attractive workplace for all employees. Group companies are promoting conversations with their LGBT employees. For example, as a result of such discussions, the changing room policy was adjusted to accommodate transgender needs.

TOPICSA Human Rights Seminar Focused on LGBT Issues for Executives of Daicel Corporation and Group Companies

In FY2023/3, 357 of our leaders participated in the training to learn about the environment surrounding those involved and the inherent risks, and to think about creating workplaces where sexual minorities can play an active role and creating a society that is easy to work in. Through discussions on how to respond to coming-out, we discussed specific ways to create an organization where everyone can work with peace of mind.

Introduction of Same-sex Partnership System

In order to further create an environment where everyone can work in their own way, the Daicel Group introduced a same-sex partnership system on April 1 2023, which stipulates that the same-sex partners of employees should be treated the same as legally married spouses, and made it possible to apply for various allowances and benefits under relevant rules.

Respect for Human Rights