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Daicel Group Human Resource Policy

Our Group has set forth our “Sustainable Management Policy” under our basic philosophy. With regard to people, our policy states that we will promote “People-centered Management”, which enables all of our diverse employees to grow while establishing their own presence and achieving fulfillment. This is our approach to people in our Group, namely our Human Resource Policy.

"People-centered Management," which values each individual, has long been a key concept of our company. Daicel has a history of more than 100 years, and our approach to people can be traced back to our founding. Throughout our subsequent history, this concept has been nurtured as one of the core management policies, and since the end of the 1970s, Daicel has advocated "People-centered Management."

With our Long-term Vision starting in 2020, we renewed our Human Resource Policy, which moves our commitment towards diversity and happiness to the forefront, and announced this new policy to Daicel Group employees. Based on this Human Resource Policy, we are taking various initiatives, such as supporting human resource development, promoting diversity and inclusion, and fostering a corporate culture that meets employee needs.

People are the Foundation for Our Success

Human Resource Guidelines

The Daicel Group has established unified guidelines for all Group members. Since 2013, we have been building a solid foundation for our human resource management systems based on these guidelines. Unlike the Human Resource Policy, which expresses our unchanging belief, we consider the Human Resource Guidelines as guidance that can be updated with the changing times. We revised some of the guidelines in 2019 to place more emphasis on human rights and labor while also making these items more understandable for staff working around the world.

The guidelines describe matters to be observed by all Daicel Group companies with respect to human resource practices. They specify objectives, basic concepts, compliance rules and recommendations ranging from human rights and labor, recruitment, compensation, the human resources development system and the appraisal system. For example, the basic concepts of the guidelines stipulate the need to “respect human rights and reject complicity in human rights violations” and “develop a culture where the employer, superiors and subordinates think of each individual's career and put ideas into practice.” Recommendations include the need to “utilize the training programs offered by other Group companies actively.”

When we exchange views with Group companies or conduct human rights due diligence, we verify whether each company is implementing human resource practices in line with the guidelines.

Applying the guidelines, we will continue to improve our human resource practices that will help employees enhance their capabilities and raise their motivation to perform their duties.

Objectives and Basic Concepts of the Human Resource Guidelines

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Practices Objectives Basic Concepts
Human rights and labor Improve productivity by respecting human nature and realizing a workplace environment whereby each employee can demonstrate his/her full potential
  • Respect human rights and reject complicity in human rights violations
  • Provide equal opportunities, such as for promotion and training, without undermining fairness on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, etc.
  • Acknowledge diversity and inclusion to achieve a favorable workplace environment through promoting mutual communication and compromise
  • Contribute to lives of people and society through work, and create a company which is trusted by society
  • For resolution of issues, the company and employees understand each others' viewpoints, and promote solutions through negotiation and discussion
  • Create a healthy mental and physical working environment which values communication with employees
  • Improve productivity throughout the workplace with a good environment, and retain an appropriate number of employees
Recruitment Recruit talent who empathize with Daicel Group Basic Philosophy and Human Resource Policy
  • Recruit talent with strong will and integrity who can create new value
  • Carry out equal and fair recruiting process regardless of ethnicity, nationality, gender etc. (Diversity & Inclusion)
Compensation Create a corporate culture that efforts as well as results will be rewarded
  • Design a human resources system that reflects both company performance and individual performance
  • Create a system that can reflect fair treatment, based on approach to HR Policy and contribution to the company of each employee
  • Ensure fairness, rationality and transparency in determination of compensation
  • Continuously verify the validity of the company's reward standards
Human resources development system Implement effective and systematic human resources development system based on HR Policy
  • Develop employees who can work properly while protecting safety and quality standards based on rules established in each country and region
  • For strong-willed and decisive employees working at their own initiative, provide opportunities to take on more challenging roles and broader duties for their growth
  • Broaden employee field of vision by providing a stimulating environment that allows discussion encompassing a variety of interests and values
  • Enhance employees' value by developing their awareness of self-development and providing maximum support for them to improve their abilities
  • Develop a culture where the employer, superiors and subordinates think of each individual's career and put ideas into practice
Appraisal system Through appraisal system, create the foundations of company success by disseminating HR Policy and Corporate Values, developing human resources and realizing proper compensation
  • Design appraisal system that appropriately evaluates the performance of each employee
  • Establish a system which takes into account employee making efforts to achieve targets of HR Policy and also processes leading to good results
  • Promote communication between superiors and subordinates through an appraisal system and use this system for human resource development
  • Establish a fair and transparent appraisal system
  • Realize the appraisal which is based on objective facts by cultivating understanding of the system