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BELLOCEA® S7Cellulose Acetate

BELLOCEA® S7 properties

BELLOCEA® S7 is truly spherical cellulose acetate particle. It is made from naturally occurring wood pulp (cellulose) and acetic acid, which is a major component of vinegar.

  • Truly spherical
  • Smoothness
  • Better spreadability
  • Dispersity
  • Light diffusion
  • Average particle diameter is 7μm

It corresponds to the eco-friendly product life cycle.

Compared with synthetic particles

BELLOCEA® S7 has smooth texture and better spreadability.

Test method

Relative to nylon at 4
Spread test have checkd by Friction tester (Foundation)
Soft focus effect : Scattered light area
Natural index : Molecular weight ratio

Liquid Foundation Spread Test

BELLOCEA® S7 shows better spreadability compared with others.

Surface Roughness 3D Images

3D surface roughness measured by VertScan with Liquid Foundation formulation.(Particle volume 5wt%)

BELLOCEA® S7 is easily dispersed more uniformly than Nylon.

Safety information

BELLOCEA® S7 is made from Cellulose and Acetic Acid (as a main component of vinegar) and is safematerial for a living organism.

Term Result Method
Skin irritation Non irritating OECD TG 439 (RHE method)
skin sensitization Negative OECD TG 442 (DPRA method)
Non sensitization HRIPT
Eye irritation Non irritating OECD TG 492 RhCE method
Genotoxicity Negative Ames Test
Patch test Safety 24hour patch test for human(20 people)

Product Infromation

Product Name BELLOCEA® S7
INCI Name Cellulose Acetate
Net weight 5kg, 20kg
Packing paper bag
Form powder