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PGLAL ML04Polyglyceryl-4 Lauryl Ether

PGLAL ML04 Properties

PGLAL_ML04 is nonionic-types surfactant that is specifically designed to meet the growing need for , disoersants, foaming agents, and antistatic agents.(HLB 12.1)
PGLAL_ML04 is nonionic-types surfactant that is safe and high in detergency and foamability(HLB=12.1).
It features high floating sludge dispersibility, pH stability and hydrolysis resistance in soap.

Foamability and foam stability

Test method

The foam stability was confirmed with the foam height after 5 minutes.

<The surfactant>
ML04 : Polyglyceryl-4 Lauryl Ether 
competitor’s product : decaglycerin mono-laurate 

Foaming test in formulation

It is possible to improve foamability and foam stability when PGLAL ML04 1% is mixed in hand soap.

Test method

We foam 5cc hand soap aqueous solution with PGLAL ML04 1% using a net. Bubbles were observed by optical microscopy.

Detergency of surfactant

Test method

Artificial dirt solution was washed by surfactant solution(615ppm), and detergency was measured by the decrease of weight in accordance with JIS K 3370.

<The surfactant>
DGML :Decaglycerin mono-laurate 
AE-6 :Hexaoxiethylene lauryl ether
C12OOK :Potassium laurate 
LAS :sodium laureth sulfate 
SDS :Sodium dodecyl sulfate

Soap scum dispersion

PGLAL ML04 has high scum dispersion and reduce skin squeakiness after washing.

Test method

Surfactant, soap component and water (hardness 200mg/L) were mixed, and the degree of the occurrence of soap scum floating on the liquid surface was evaluated using a solution stability evaluation device.

*Surfactants : Soap ingredient : Water ( hardness 200 mg/L) = 1 : 30 : 4500


Test method

Different amount of sodium chlorides were added to the surfactant aqueous solution.
The transmittance was measured at 25℃.

<The surfactant>
ML04 : Polyglyceryl-4 Lauryl Ether 
DGMO : Decaglycerin monooleate 
DGMS : Decaglycerin monostearate 
SML : Sucrose monolaurate 

Protein denaturation

Test method

Aqueous solutions of different surfactant concentration were mixed to solution of 0.025% egg white albumin. Decreasing rate of albumin was calculated by HPLC after 24 hours.

<The surfactant>
ML04 : Polyglyceryl-4 Lauryl Ether
SDS : sodium lauryl sulfate
C12OOK : Potassium laurate

Product Infromation

Product Name PGLAL ML04
INCI Name Polyglyceryl-4 Lauryl Ether
Net weight 18kg
Packing Pail can
Form Paste