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Daicel’s Polyglycerols properties

  • Our polyglycerols (PGLs) are a hydrophilic polymer with a highly branched structure, and we have a variety of products with different degrees of polymerization.
  • Our PGLs are made from Glycidol. Compared to the glycerin condensation method product, our PGLs have fewer cyclic compounds, are colorless, transparent and completely water-soluble.
  • Our PGLs have many primary hydroxyl groups and have a highly branched structure. They are easily to be modified chemically.

Structural model of our PGL

Structural model of our PGL

Product List

Average degree of polymerization 6 10 20
Viscosity(mPa・s) 40℃ 23,000 16,800 9,260
Color(Pt-Co Units) 20 20 20
Acid value(KOHmg/g) 0.07 0.04 0.49
Water content(%) 0.11 5.1 9.75
OH value(KOHmg/g) 959 822 718

*)The numbers are representative values, not guaranteed values.

Differences in molecular weight distribution with other companies’ products

The following analysis shows that our PGLs have a narrower molecular weight distribution and a lower content of cyclic compounds than the glycerin thermal condensation method products.

Molecular weight distribution comparison(GPC)


Composition comparison(GPC)

Water Solubility

Since our PGLs have few cyclic compounds and are highly water-soluble, they do not become cloudy even after being left at room temperature for 1 month and remain transparent.

Product Information

Product Name Polyglycerin 06, Polyglycerin 06R
INCI Name Polyglycerin-6
已使用化妆品原料名称目录(2015版) 聚甘油-6
Net Weight 200kg
Packing Iron Drum
Form Liquid

Product Name Polyglycerin 10PSWR
INCI Name Polyglycerin-10、Water
已使用化妆品原料名称目录(2015版) 聚甘油-10
Net Weight/th>200kg
Packing SUS Drum
Form Liquid

Product Name Polyglycerin 20PWR
INCI Name Polyglycerin-20、Water
已使用化妆品原料名称目录(2015版) 聚甘油-20
Net Weight 200kg
Packing SUS Drum
Form Liquid