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Preparetion of bilayer ODTs

Topics covered in this white paper

  • Formulation of bilayer tablets with acetaminophen and ethenzamide.


In recent years, multilayer tablets have drawn attention as dosage form that enable the production of combination drugs with API stability and precisely controlled dissolution rates, and many studies on such tablets have been reported. However, there are still few reports on the application of multilayer tablets for orally disintegrating tablets (ODTs). In this white paper, we report preparation of bilayer ODTs using GRANFILLER-D™ (GNF) and direct compression which are less prone to delamination. Bilayer placebo ODTs with GNF exhibited both high interfacial strength and short disintegration time. Bilayer ODTs containing APIs also exhibited similar performance, and they showed excellent interfacial strength and short disintegration time even after 1 month stability test. These results suggest GRANFILLER-D™ may be a suitable for preparation of bilayer ODTs.

bilayer ODTs

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