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Optical Lenses

Optical lenses

Materialization of 3D Sensing Product

The soon-to-come rollout of 5G networks will enable massive amounts of data traffic, which will thinkably unleash a slew of VR and AR applications and likely increase demand for 3D sensing to gain the full benefit of those applications.

A good example of 3D sensing that has been employed to many devices and applications is light-based optical sensing.

Here, we offer lenses for camera modules that receive light, which is necessary for optical sensing, as well as modules that project (diffuse) infrared light sources.

3D sensing is adopted for all kinds of applications like monitoring, mapping and biometric authentication (faces, fingerprints and irises), so we can propose everything from lenses to lens modules and processes that best match the application.

we supply products that are demanded from society all the way down to industrial robots, logistics robots, home devices and smartphones.

Principle of 3D sensing

3D Sensing Market

Smartphones / Tablets / Smart watches

Tablet devices
Mobile devices
ToF cameras
  • Improvement portrait camera function
  • AR/MR
  • Child controls
  • Face ID
  • Touch ID
Proximity sensor
  • Power saving
  • Distance measurement

Vehicles / Drones

Automotive devices
Cabin monitoring systems
Eye tracking cameras
  • Driver monitoring
ToF cameras
  • Passenger monitoring
  • Baby abandonment monitoring
  • Distance measurement
Motion sensor cameras
  • Gesture recognition

VR headsets / AR / MR glasses

VR/AR technologies
Eye tracking systems
Eye tracking cameras
  • Resolution adjustment
ToF cameras
  • Peripheral recognition
  • AR function
  • Distance measurement
  • Location identification (Mapping)

Transport robots / Picking robots

Automated guided vehicles
Pickup robots
ToF cameras
  • Location identification (Mapping)
  • Package identification
  • Obstacle recognition
  • Package size measurement
  • Package quantity counting
  • Package identification

Motion sensors / Security devices / Home robots

Smart home systems
Vacuum robots
ToF cameras
  • Location identification (Mapping)
  • Obstacle recognition
Human sensors
  • Monitoring
  • Power saving

Product Example: Illumination Lens

Crystavy™ series

Our standard illumination lens

The Crystavy™ can be used as a diffuser for a VCSEL light source for ToF camera.


We have diverse lineups for various applications and demands, from standard to wide FOV.

FOI line up of CrystavyTM series

The Crystavy™ series is our standard line of illumination lenses.

The standard lenses that suit your application can be used without the one-off mold expenses. External dimensions can be customized.

Thanks to its distribution property of top-hat or batwing of property, Crystavy™ lenses enhance your sensing function. Compared to competitor products, the series has high contrast and enables more accurate sensing.

Moreover, its monolithic plastic lens has ribs that protect the effective area and facilitate handling.

  • Eye safety function can be added
  • Low cost
  • Additional function (Shading)
If you would like to have the brochure of Crystavy™series, please feel free to contact us.

If you have other requests for optical products, such as collimator lenses, special light emitters (for example, DOE) and so on, please contact Daicel.

Product Example: Receiver Lens

Picture of imaging lens

Thanks to more accurate thicknesses than what can be produced by conventional processing, back focal length can be matched to the specific package.
Our process provides more freedom for lens design as well and realizes production of lens specifications that are believed to be impossible with conventional method.

For consults or inquiries, contact Daicel.

Single lens
Single lens