Financial Results

The fiscal year end is March 31.
Daicel Corporation’s financial statements conform to Japanese generally accepted accounting principles (JGAAP).
We announce our results quarterly. Please refer to the IR Schedule.
Please click on the IR Library of Investor Relations for trends in performance.
Please refer to the “Annual Reports” page of IR Library.

Stock Information

Daicel Corporation's shares are listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
The code number of Daicel Corporation's common stock is 4202. The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
There is year-end dividend on March 31, and interim dividend on September 30.
Daicel Corporation's shares are traded in units of 100.
Please refer to the “Shareholder Return and Dividends” page.
The annual shareholders' meeting is held in June every year.

Corporate Profile

September 8, 1919. For further details please refer to the Chronology.
Please refer to the “Our businesses and products” page.
Please refer to the “Medium-Term Plan” page.


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