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We pursue monozukuri manufacturing that contributes to
the happiness of people and society.

Daicel Group Business Domains

Under our Long-Term Vision, we will seek to achieve growth in our businesses while also creating new ones in four domains of Health, Safety/Security, Convenience/Comfort and Environment where we can demonstrate our strengths towards solving numerous social issues.

Health Medical/Healthcare

In focusing on raising the quality of life (QOL), we are conducting research on dementia prevention, developing materials and introducing services that focus on intestinal flora. Furthermore, we are developing and selling high-quality raw materials for cosmetics. In addition, we provide solutions related to pharmaceutical development such as columns (chiral columns) that separate required drug components and a new drug delivery device (Actranza® Lab).

Convenience/Comfort Smart

To realize a comfortable smart society, we are providing various solutions and value in the electronics market such as functional films and materials used in smartphones, PCs, TVs, and in-vehicle displays, polymers and solvents used in the semiconductor manufacturing process as well as lenses used in VR, smartphones and various sensors.

Main products


Smart SBU

Safety/Security Safety

We provide automobile airbags inflators (gas generation devices) and pyro-fuses as safety systems for use in products such as electric vehicles, renewable energy storage and transmission systems and robots. We provide society with innovative safety and security solutions that have been made possible by expertise cultivated in the vehicle safety field.


Daicel is Japan's only manufacturer of acetic acid. We supply acetic acid, acetic acid derivative chemicals, and cellulose acetate which is made from acetic acid and the natural material cellulose, as well as acetate tow obtained by spinning cellulose acetate. Cellulose acetate in particular is expected to meet increasing needs for environmentally-friendly plastic materials, as a biomass material and marine biodegradable material. In addition, alicyclic epoxy is attracting attention as a highly advanced material for electrical material applications that require reliable quality and durability. We support manufacturing in a wide range of industries on the strength of our diverse product lineup and unique manufacturing methods based on organic synthesis technologies cultivated over many years of experience.

Engineering Plastics

"Engineering plastics" is a general term for a group of high-performance plastics that exhibit greater strength and heat resistance (generally 100°C and higher) than conventional general-purpose plastics. They are expected to replace metal parts by enabling products to be lighter and smaller. In addition to offering processing technologies and technical services, Daicel Group provides plastics in resin form that meet specific customer needs.

Daicel Group Engineering Plastics

Affiliates and Main Products
Polyplastics Co.,Ltd.

Polyacetal (POM), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), liquid crystal polymer (LCP),and cyclic olefin copolymer (COC)

Daicel Miraizu Ltd.

AS resin, ASB resin, various polymer alloys, plastic compounds, and barrier films for packaging

Polyplastics-Evonik Corporation

Polyamide-12 resin, PEEK resin

DM Novafoam Ltd.

Cushioning materials and other low-density plastic foam products

Daicel Pack Systems Ltd.

Various molded containers

Environment Other

Water shortages are becoming more serious around the world due to population growth and industrial development. We are contributing to solving environmental problems in a wide range of fields including medical care, drinking water, food, and wastewater by reusing water, a limited and important resource, employing separation membrane technologies.

Affiliates and Main Products
Daicen Membrane-Systems Ltd.

Reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane products, water treatment systems

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