Our businesses and products

  • Cellulosic Derivatives
    Our Cellulosic Derivatives segment is responsible for development of our cellulose acetate and water-soluble polymer businesses. The cellulose acetate business was started with the goal of developing the non-flammable celluloid, while the water-soluble polymer business applies cellulosic chemical technologies developed in the cellulose acetate business. These products are widely used in industry.
  • Organic Chemicals
    We provide the following global products; general-purpose products led by our strong-selling acetic acid; high-performance products for electronics materials; cosmetics ingredients with high levels of safety and quality; cosmetics and health care ingredients derived from natural products. Through the development and supply of these products, we contribute to society and support our life.
  • Chiral Separation
    Daicel is a leading supplier of chiral columns used in the development of medical products. We are globally developing chiral businesses, such as development and sales of high-purity chiral reagents, sales of chiral columns, and chiral separation service.
  • Plastics
    We develop unique products for contributing to the society. These include high-performance resins such as engineering plastics, high functionally resin compound products. This business also develops a variety of plastic processed products such as polystyrene sheets, formed trays, and functional films.
  • Pyrotechnic Devices
    We contribute to society by the development of advanced products including automobile airbag inflators using our pyro-technologies.
  • We will introduce other businesses of the Daicel group., such as membrane separation system products and household products.