DAISI will always
be there to save you.

Not many acknowledge the unique energy
source designated to save the precious lives of others.

No one can predict when and where you
would be put at the risk of life.

Under critical situations where
no malfunctions shall occur,
we have strived to serve our purposes to
save as many lives with our
instant, reliable, and safe energy source.

Just once, only when you need it.
DAISI will always be there for you to protect
the bright future ahead of you.

“One Time Energy”.
A one-shot energetic force generated instantly,
reliably, and safely.

The fundamentals of DAISI
Be fully prepared for the unexpected.
Be sure to activate no matter what.
The most extreme environments kept advancing our DAISI’s technology.
We fully control the pressure, timelength, and precision, owing to the combinations of three energy sources of short/medium/long distances.
What’s DAISI ?
About us
DAISI = DAICEL Saving Innovation
We continue our evolution to protect
what we hold dear, across the world.


Actranza™ lab.
With the precise control of pressure and speed,
we create a new additional value to the conventional syringes.Details
Volt Breaker
We prevent electric accidents of EVs with the instantaneous shutdown of high-voltage electric currents.Details
Airbag / Seatbelt
Our legacy of protecting lives with zero past malfunctions represent our reliability and performance.Details
What DAISI could achieve
DAISI’s possibilities give birth to
the new aspects of future happiness.

Secure taste and safety for food by sterilizing heat-resistant viruses with pressure


Provide wearable airbags to save lives from injuries and fallen impact


Protect people in unattended facilities (drones, autonomous driving, automated factories)


Create safe and nutrient-rich fodder from food waste

We look forward to serve as your reliable partner to “Co-create” a brand-new value together.