This product is for experimental animal studies ONLY.
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Direct intracellular delivery.
Precise and accurate
“Depth Control Technology”

※Data shown above obtained from tests in large animals
※Above image

Our Actranza® lab. and its “Depth Control Technology” enables the precise control of speed and pressure of emitted energy, ejecting chemical fluid at 0.5msec and dispersing into the intradermal tissue (approx. 0.2mm deep) at 0.1sec.
Our sophisticated controlling technology enables drug delivery into the cell nucleus, effectively resulting gene expression.
Actranza® lab provides a simple, reliable alternative method of drug delivery with applications in emerging treatment modalities.

※Data shown above obtained from tests in large animals


Three Innovations
of Actranza® lab.

  1. 1Needle-less, high-speed injection DAISI made possible
  2. 2Depth control to precisely deliver drug to the desired tissue
  3. 3Effective gene expression via intracellular delivery

What’s DAISI ?

What is the “One-Time Energy” that enables the innovative dosage system?

Our evolution to save more lives through the one-shot energetic force generated instantly, reliably, and safely.
DAISI = DAICEL Saving Innovation

Our DAISI supports the global safety and reassurance in automobile airbags, seatbelts and emergency evacuations from aircrafts.
Under critical situations where no malfunctions shall occur, our “One-Time Energy” have strived to save as many lives with our instant, reliable, and safe energy source.
We created a completely innovative value by applying our DAISI’s feature of precise control of speed and pressure to our dosage device.

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