Seatbelts serve the crucial function in all automobiles to protect the lives of drivers and passengers.

“Gas generators for Seat Belt Pretensioners (PGG)” are necessary to fasten the passengers on to the seats safely and securely by retracting the seatbelt in case of collisions.

Daicel Safety Strategic Business Unit(SBU)s' pyrotechnic-activated seatbelt retraction device provides safety and reassurance to protect our customers under emergencies.

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Product lineup

  • Gas generators for Seat Belt Pretensioners (PGG)

    Gas generators for Seat Belt Pretensioners (PGG)

    This gas generator protects the occupant by retracting the seat belt during a collision.
    It utilizes the pyrotechnic method.

Seat Belt Pretensioner Functions

Seat Belt Pretensioners and Pop up hood

  • Seat Belt Pretensioners

    Retracting the seat belt prior to a collision.

  • Pop up hood

    Lifting the bonnet hood in a collision to minimize impact on a pedestrian's head.



Seat Belt Pretensioners and Pop up hood

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Operating principle of Seat Belt Pretensioners

    1. 1. During a collision, the seat belt remains locked while the pressure is dispersed maximally to the chest area.
    1. 2. After the collision, the PGG applies force to the piston, causing the pretensioner to instantly pull on the seat belt, restraining the occupant in the seat.
    1. 3. After the collision, the inflation of the airbag reduces the force applied to the head and chest area.
    1. 4. At the same time, the seat belt tension is moderately eased by the activation of force limiters.

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