Pyro-drive Jet Injector Actranza lab. is a jet injector driven by the instantaneous power generated from pyro combustion. The high-speed stream of fluid ejected by Actranza lab. penetrates skin, dispersing into intradermal tissue and introducing even large molecules into cells.

Product Profiles

  • Available for administration to mice and rats
  • Minimally invasive
  • Small, light and easy to operate

Drug distribution and gene expression

Drug Distribution

The liquid disperses over a wide area in intradermal tissue (India ink).

Nuclear localization of plasmid DNA

Distribution to the nucleus of red fluorescent-labelled (Cy3) plasmid DNA (merged fluorescence which resembles pink granules is cell nuclei with blue fluorescent DAPI staining into which Cy3-labeled plasmid DNA has been introduced).

GFP gene expression

Expression of the gene encoding Green Fluorescence Proteins (GFP) by injection.

LacZ gene expression

Expression of the gene encoding β-galactosidase by injection of plasmid DNA (blue areas are expression sites).

Intracellular delivery with simple operation

  1. 1Control Unit

    • Easy-to-grip
    • Reusable
    • Safety mechanism to prevent accidental injection
  2. 2Actuator

    • Cartridge-type
    • Single use
  3. 3Container Unit

    loading adaptor
    • Includes loading adaptor
    • Electron beam irradiated
    • Single use

Product specifications

Dimension 150mm×57mm×35mm
Weight 140g
Power source AC (100-240V)
Actuator type Mouse, Rat
Volume 10µL, 20µL, 30µL, 50µL

Product lineup

Product name Qty/box Product code
Actuator Mouse 5pcs. AL-1A1MD-J5
Rat 5pcs. AL-1A1RD-J5
Container Unit
with loading adaptor*
10µL 5pcs. AL-1C10-J5
20µL 5pcs. AL-1C20-J5
30µL 5pcs. AL-1C30-J5
50µL 5pcs. AL-1C50-J5
Control Unit with AC adaptor   AL-P1A

*Container unit's product names are numbers based on container unit capacity. It does not indicate the dosage.

  • This device is for experimental animal studies only.
  • This device is not a medical device nor its accessory, which is not intended for any other purposes including the diagnosis, therapeutic intervention or prevent of disease in human or animals.
  • This device is specially designed and constructed for research purposes for temporary use in laboratories, which should not be permanently installed nor used in the laboratories for any other purposes after completion of such research projects.
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