High performance film

Daicel has derived a variety of hard-coat films from its proprietary coating technologies and is disposed to developing products to customer requirements. Product lineups include anti-glare films that reduce the sparkling of high-definition displays, shatterproof films for capacitance touch panel backing that keep watermarks from forming, anti-newton ring films of ultra-long life for resistance touch panels, stylus films that improve writing performance to pencil-like quality, smooth contact films that fingers glide over, and high hardness films that stand up to scratching and other potential damage caused by everyday use.

High performance film

AG (Anti-Glare) films

AG (Anti-Glare) films

Low sparkling AG films

Daicel’s anti-glare optical films use phase separation technology to reduce sparkling on high-definition displays for smartphones and other devices.
They are duly an optimum choice for touch panel films as, unlike with filler AG films, they allow fingers to smoothly glide across surfaces without leaving fingerprints.
Base films can be selected between PET and TAC, according to application.

* For more information about features (phase separation technology, sparkling mechanism and measurement) of Daicel’s AG films, click here.
Also, Daicel offers consultation about sparkling measurement. Just contact Daicel.

Our phase-separating AG films excel at reducing sparkle on self-illuminating displays such as organic EL displays.

Ultra-high-haze AG filmsPDF

These optical films from Daicel greatly reduce luster and are highly translucent despite the high grade of hazing.
Made with phase separation technology, they achieve performance levels that were unattainable by conventional sandblasting.
In the display field, they are a wise choice for applications when wanting to tone down reflectance or needing high light diffusion.
Moreover, in applications that require a matte finish, they can be used as casting paper or release films for transferring uneven patterns.

Smooth contact AG filmsPDF

Made with phase separation technology, these films feature a velvety feel that allows fingers to glide across the surface.
They are ideal for enhancing finger-operated devices like touchpads (trackpads) and smartphones.

AG/AR films

These optical films enhance black areas on display screens and, in the process, add freshness and contrast to images, by reducing the amount of glare from fluorescent and other kinds of lighting that reflect off surfaces.
They are perfectly suited for large format LCD TVs and applications where wanting to guard against any loss of visibility of thin-panel displays caused by internally reflected light.

High durability ANR (Anti-Newton Ring) filmsPDF

High durability ANR (Anti-Newton Ring) films

Daicel’s ANR films block newton rings from forming on resistance touch panels, while greatly reducing the degradation in input sensitivity (performance) caused by key touch.
Compared to filler type ANR films, key touch durability is 5 to 20x higher and more sparkling is reduced.

Anti-scattering films for touch panel backingPDF

Anti-scattering films for touch panel backing

Daicel’s anti-scattering films prevent watermarks from forming when used as backing for capacitance touch panels.
This high performance against watermarks couples with the reduced glare on the front surface to obtain a high degree of translucence.
These films can enhance the visibility of capacitance touch panels mounted with an air-gap.

Stylus filmsPDF

Stylus films

These films from Daicel make writing on stylus touch panels as easy and clear as writing with paper and a pencil.
They are a good choice for electronic notebooks, stylus tablets and other devices where wanting to enhance electronic signatures.

  • ・For transmissive LCDs (Typical LCDs)
  • ・For reflective LCDs (Electronic notebooks)

Super-hard-coat films

Rigid types

These clear optical hard-coat films are tough against scratching.
In tests, they have stood up to 80,000 strokes of a 1 kg steel wool weight without scratching.
They are an optimum choice for displays that need to be protected against scratching.

Daicel developed this category of clear, hard-coat optical films for high pencil hardness and scratch resistance.
In tests, they have stood up to 80,000 strokes of a 1 kg steel wool weight without scratching, and registered a pencil hardness of 9H (750 gf).
They can be used with displays that must be protected against scratching and chipping, or as an alternative to glass.

Flexible types(Under development)PDF

These clear, hard-coat optical films have been developed to both a high pencil hardness of 9H (750 gf) and to stand up to repeated bending.
The high durability against bending is exhibited with not only infolds but outfolds as well.
These films can be used with TAC, PET, PI and other base films.
(*1 Hardness and bending resistance vary according to base film performance.)

AR (Anti-reflection) films

AR (Anti-reflection) films

These clear, hard-coat optical films reduce the glare reflecting of high-definition displays.
Daicel has also developed versions with enhanced scratch resistance.

Anti-Fog Films (Under development)

Anti-Fog Films(Under development)

Anti-Fog property by water absorbing resin.

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