Sustainability Policy List

Category Policies
Basic Philosophy/Policies Basic Philosophy
Sustainability Management Policy Sustainable Management Policy
Daicel Group Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards of Daicel Group Daicel Group Code of Conduct
Ethical Standards of Daicel Group
Responsible Care Activities
(RC Activities)
The Daicel Group’s Basic Policies for Responsible Care
Social Report Responsibility to Customers and Product Safety Quality Policy for Daicel Group
Creating Attractive Workplaces Daicel Group Human Resource Policy
Human Resource Guidelines
Respect for Human Rights Daicel Group Human Rights Policy
Sustainable Procurement Basic Purchasing Policy
Daicel Group CSR Purchasing Guidelines [PDF:151KB]
Governance Corporate Governance Basic Policy for Structuring Internal Control Systems [PDF:47KB]
Basic Policy on Information Disclosure
Information Security Information Systems Security Policy