Basic Philosophy

Our Basic Philosophy represents the ideals of utmost importance held by the Daicel Group. Acknowledged and embraced by each and every Daicel Group member, this long-standing philosophy will continue to represent our core values.

1. Corporate Objective:
The Daicel Group’s Reason for Being

We contribute to a better quality of life by developing and manufacturing products that society needs and values.

Throughout its history, the Daicel Group and the chemical industry to which it belongs has provided optimal solutions addressing a wide range of issues. With a strong belief in the infinite possibilities chemistry has to offer, Daicel continues to meet the demands of the times by contributing to society the functions it requires and helping to enrich individual lifestyles through the application of proprietary technologies and know-how.

2. The Daicel Spirit:
A Shared Sense of Values

As members of the Daicel Group, we will continue to share the values below (The Daicel Spirit) and grow through innovation..

  • 1. Integrity and Ceaseless Efforts We believe that innovation starts with an ideal followed by tireless efforts undertaken with integrity. We understand the importance of clarifying what should be the ideal Daicel Group, the ideal division or unit and the ideal individual, and of the ceaseless efforts needed to achieve these ideals.
  • 2. Focus on Creation of New Value (Monozukuri) Our focus on Monozukuri is unshakeable. Although the literal meaning of the Japanese word Monozukuri is “making things,” for our purposes the meaning of the term has been broadened to encompass the creation of new value in all corporate activities, including R&D, sales and marketing and support services.
  • 3. Respect for Individuality and Achievements We respect the individuality and achievements of all Daicel Group members, which serve to underpin the Group’s Monozukuri efforts. Individual Group members collectively generate the driving force behind our overall growth. Group members are therefore offered ongoing opportunities to exert their own strengths, establish their own presence, realize their own ideals and enjoy their own sense of fulfillment.