About DAICELBasic Philosophy

Basic Philosophy

The precursor of our company was established in 1919 through the merger of eight Japanese celluloid companies.
By uniting ourselves around the pillars of “enriching lives” and “maintaining a spirit of coexistence and co-prosperity with other companies,” we eliminated excessive competition in the celluloid industry and promoted the development of the celluloid processing industry, adding to the overall supply chain while contributing to greater added value. In addition, through research on the development of noncombustible celluloid, which we addressed jointly following the merger, we nurtured the foundation for the development of the chemical industry that provides a wide variety of materials. Just as our eight celluloid manufacturers joined forces to enrich society, we will contribute to the emergence of a society committed to sustainability together with our customers and partners.

The company making lives better by co-creating value

With dedication to the pursuit of our unchanging aspirations, we will continue to enrich the future through the power of chemistry.

Corporate Philosophy

The Daicel Group Doctrine

The Daicel Group formulated a Sustainable Management Policy in order to remain a company that contributes to greater contentment through the co-creation of value, a basic philosophy passed down since the time of our founding. In order to incorporate this management policy, we established the Daicel Group Code of Conduct as an action guideline that all employees must remain aware of and put into practice in all our actions. The Ethical Standards of Daiel Group are norms that apply universally in all areas of corporate activities. We aim to be a corporate group that contributes to society as a good corporate citizen.
In line with this Sustainable Management Policy, the Daicel Group presents its vision of the future in its long-term vision “DAICEL VISION 4.0,” while specific measures and approaches to realize our long-term vision are reflected in our Mid-Term Management Strategy “Accelerate 2025.” We pursue business operations that contribute to the sustainability of society while enhancing our corporate value over the medium and long terms.

Basic Philosophy

We place great importance on the Basic Philosophy concept, and in future will continue to hold this concept without being influenced by changing times.

The company making lives better by co-creating value

Co-creating value・・・Understanding and communicating together with various partners, to jointly create new value

Sustainable Management Policy

Upon a firm foundation of safety, quality and compliance, the Daicel Group will realize our basic philosophy by both contributing to the establishment of a sustainable society and pursuing business growth with integrity, tireless efforts and self-transformation

Daicel Group Code of Conduct

Every employee is encouraged to remain aware of these guidelines and to manifest them in all corporate activities in order to reflect the Group’s Sustainable Management Policy.

Ethical Standards of Daicel Group

Our Ethical Standards represent norms that are universally applicable to all areas of corporate operations and are considered a prerequisite for survival in a diversifying global society.

Long-Term Vision and Mid-Term Management Strategy

In keeping with our Sustainable Management Policy, these initiatives represent the Daicel Group’s vision for the future and the specific steps required to achieve this vision.

Group Symbol


Our symbol, which uses Daicel blue, gives a sense of action and speed by the oblique character design used for the word DAICEL.

The three red circles represent below;

  • Our Unceasing Passion for Creation,
  • Our Strong Will to keep working on Innovation
  • Our Fighting Spirit to Continue taking on New Fields outside our company's current scope.
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