Disaster prevention

Daicel's "One Time Energy" with high operational reliability would be highly effective in the fire/accident prevention field where urgency, safety and reliability are required.

For instance, we have been developing various products, such as the puncher for fire extinguishers and the actuator for the emergency stop of table saws.
Also, no additional equipment is required to activate the device, since each devices can oparate with a dry-cell battery.

We look forward to serve as your reliable partner to “Co-create” a brand-new value together to meet a wide range of customer needs.



  • Fire extinguisher

    Pin Pusher

    The Gas cartridge type Puncher or Pin pusher enables the operation of fire extinguisher by punching a hole to release pressurized gas.

  • Emergency stop of table saw

    Pin Pusher

    This device can serve as an actuator for emergency shutdown/stop of table saw.

*This photo is for illustrative purposes.