Daicel's "One Time Energy" is fully reflected to our products for Airbag and
seat belt to ensure the safety of our valued customers' vehicles and its drivers.

We aim to broaden our expertise and provide innovative safety and security to not only automobile,
but also other various mobilities such as vessel, aircraft, electric bicycle and so forth.

We look forward to serve as your reliable partner to “Co-create” a brand-new value together.



  • Airbag

    Inflators for Airbag

    This gas-generating system protects the occupant by receiving a signal from collision and inflating airbags.

  • Seat belt

    Gas Generators for Seat Belt Pretensioners(PGG)

    This gas generator protects the occupant by retracting the seat belt during a collision.

  • Electric circuit protection


    These devices protect the occupant with instantaneous shutdown of high-voltage electric currents and intentional short-circuit.

  • Actuation source of One Time Energy


    This device enables instantaneous pressure generation by sending electrical signals.

    About One Time Energy "DAISI"

  • Pedestrian protection

    Pin Pusher, Pin Puller

    These devices/parts are activated upon a signal from collision to protect the pedestrian.

  • Fire extinguishing equipment


    This device can activate a fire-extinguisher such as carbon dioxide cylinder upon an electric signal in case of fire emergency.

  • Opening Parachute


    This device can open a parachute for drone, eVTOL etc.

  • Floating Airbag


    This device serves as a gas generator to inflate floats on the surface of the water and prevent the mobility from submerging.

  • Fuel/gas supply pipe shutoff

    Wire cutter

    This device can shut off the fuel/gas pipes in case of an emergency/traffic accident.

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