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Corporate Ethics

Corporate Ethics (Compliance) Initiatives

The Daicel Group has positioned corporate ethics as an essential component of the systematic efforts of each department and Group company to engage in CSR activities.

Corporate Ethics Management System

Adherence by each employee to corporate ethics is an essential management task, and the Daicel Group is accordingly promoting corporate ethics Groupwide.
These efforts to promote corporate ethics are not temporary measures. They are conducted on an ongoing basis. With this in mind, we have formulated Corporate Ethics Management Regulations for the Company.
In addition, each department has established its own Corporate Ethics Management System based on the CAPD cycle, and through activities involving the participation of all employees, we are striving to maintain and improve this system.
We have also taken steps to introduce this CAPD cycle at each Group company.
Corporate Ethics Management System
Corporate Ethics Management System
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Daicel Code of Conduct

In the Daicel Group, the "Daicel Group Conduct Policy" is determined by the "Basic Philosophy". Furthermore, the detailed rules (Code of Conduct) for implementing the "Conduct Policy" are established for each company, with the goal of wide dissemination. In addition, the "Code of Conduct" was created to in order to reflect the requirements of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). We promote CSR initiatives through the thorough implementation of the Code of Conduct.

Promotion System

Daicel established the Corporate Compliance Program Division to promote Corporate Ethics activities and appointed the Company’s Representative Director as Responsible for Corporate Compliance.
Each Daicel Department and each affiliate appoints a CSR facilitator to lead various corporate ethics (compliance) related activities on their own initiative.
The Corporate Compliance Program Division provides support to the Company and each affiliate. The Division confirms the status and progress of each corporate ethics activity plan and helps to resolve various issues specific to each department and workplace through a process of interactive dialogue and opinion exchange. Considerable energies are directed toward supporting efforts that raise awareness toward ethics at each workplace. Furthermore, the Corporate Compliance Program Division provides educational materials to each work place for use in ethics education.
With respect to specific ethical issues, individual committees are established in accordance with each set of relevant rules and regulations. These committees consider and help resolve issues.

Legal Compliance System

Daicel has established a Legal Compliance System. Under this system, corporate departments are in charge of ensuring compliance with laws and regulations relating to their respective operations. More specifically, designated corporate departments are tasked with obtaining information regarding related laws and regulations and providing that information to other departments that may be affected. These departments use the intranet to provide employees with information on revisions to laws and regulations as well as guidelines while also providing educational materials.
At the end of each fiscal year, utilizing a checklist, each department and Group company in Japan voluntarily conducts an ethics review. In addition to reviewing the status of compliance at each workplace, this initiative is designed to uncover any issues and reflect the activities planned for the following year.

Educational and Training Programs

Other than various education programs in each workplace, as Level-Specific Corporate Training, Daicel provides Ethics and CSR education for newly appointed Managers as well as Managers (every 2 years) and Directors (annually).
Each department and affiliate is tasked with obtaining the relevant information and educating their personnel on laws and regulations directly linked to their operations. The Legal Compliance System regularly offers seminars for employees and in addition, seminars on subjects requested by each department. The Personnel Group also offers open seminars for employees.
Within its technician training programs aimed at familiarizing technicians and engineers with basic techniques required to achieve safe production and stable product supply, the Personnel Group offers scheduled legal education programs.

Level-Specific Training

Whistleblowing System

With the intent of establishing a system to protect whistleblowers who act in the public interest, Daicel is taking steps to ensure that the employees of each workplace are able to issue reports and hold consultations without difficulty. However, for circumstances where corporate ethics-related issues cannot easily be resolved at the workplace through ordinary reporting to supervisors, the Company has put in place the Corporate Ethics Help Line. This Help Line is not only an in-house system. Daicel has also established an external counterpart with the option of anonymity through which employees can consult and raise issues with external parties. In this manner, the Company is endeavoring to create a system that is easy-to-use by all employees.
Through the administration of the Corporate Ethics Help Line, whistleblowers and those who request consultaitons must be protected from the consequences of their actions. Daicel has accordingly put in place the following Corporate Ethics Management regulation. Steps are being taken to ensure that these guidelines are strictly upheld.
1. The personal information and privacy of whistleblowers and those who request consultaitons must be protected;
2. Adverse treatment in response to whistleblowers and those who request consultaitons must be prohibited; and
3. Results related to investigations must be fed back to whistleblowers and those who requested consultations.
Similar in-house and external help lines are established in each affiliate in Japan to protect whistleblowers and those who request consultaitons.