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CSR Contributing to society by chemistry

The Daicel Group's Basic Approach to CSR and CSR Initiatives

The Daicel Group focuses on Corporate Ethics Initiatives , such as the securing of compliance with laws and regulations—a prerequisite for any going concern—and on the Responsible Care Initiatives that is an integral part of activities aimed at creating materials and products. At Daicel, putting into practice the Daicel Group Conduct Policy and the Daicel Code of Conduct constitutes CSR Initiatives. Also, all Daicel Group employees are expected to participate in our CSR Initiatives. In other words, our CSR Initiatives are not to be promoted only by some particular individuals or organizations within the Group.

CSR Initiatives implemented within Daicel each year are reported and discussed at the year-end top management review to identify issues concerning these initiatives. Based on the report and discussion, new priority CSR Initiatives are established and each division then formulates its own action plans.
Each division appoints a CSR Promotion Chief, and it promotes various measures, such as providing educational and training programs on CSR subjects. To make the practice of the Code of Conduct a goal for every member, each division, or even smaller business unit, creates specific behavioral guidelines that meet its business descriptions at the beginning of each fiscal year. At the end of every fiscal year, their daily business operations are reviewed based on the specific behavioral guidelines.

In addition, utilizing such Companywide functions as the Intranet and meetings of CSR Promotion Chiefs, we work to share information regarding social trends, revision of laws and regulations and educational and training materials, while promoting the mutual reporting of CSR Initiatives.

The Responsible Care Initiative
Adherence by each employee to corporate ethics is an essential management task, and the Daicel Group is accordingly promoting corporate ethics Groupwide.
The Responsible Care Initiative
We will strive to implement Responsible Care Initiatives throughout our operations in order to contribute to a viable sustainable society.
Quality products
Each member of the Daicel-Group promises to deliver safe and quality products which can be used with assurance by the customer.
CSR Library
The past reports — "CSR Report", "Environmental, Safety and Social Report" and "Environmental and Safety Report"