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Message from the President

Misao Fudaba
Thank you for visiting the Daicel website.
Our company was formed through the merger of eight celluloid producers in 1919.

We are involved in a variety of industries derived from celluloid, including our core technologies of cellulose chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and pyrotechnic engineering; various cellulosic derivatives, such as cellulose acetate made from natural pulp fiber, acetate tow for cigarette filters, and water-soluble polymers; various organic chemicals containing acetic acid and its derivatives; organic designed products such as semiconductor resist polymer and LED encapsulants; engineering plastics such as polyacetal and liquid crystal polymer (LCP); thermoplastic compounds containing long fiber-reinforced plastics and polymer alloys with engineering plastics; various other plastic products; products for the defense industry, such as propellants and pilot emergency-escape systems; and automobile airbag inflators. We are expanding our business areas beyond the bounds of the chemical industry.

In the future, we take pride in providing the best solutions based on our unique technologies. Harnessing the energy of all our group members worldwide, we will build an industrial base that is good for people and the environment, undertakes safe manufacturing (MONOZUKURI) and contributes broadly to the growth and development of society by offering "The Best Solutions" to fulfill needed functions.

We ask for your continued support.
President and CEO
Misao Fudaba