Message from the President and CEO

On Our Centennial Celebration

Daicel proudly celebrates its centennial this year.

Our company came into being in 1919 with the merger of eight celluloid manufacturers. During the intervening 100 years, our company has earned renown for our innovation. Our predecessors built Daicel into what it is today by working with outside parties and by overcoming the many challenges they faced with the vast knowledge and expertise they gained over the years.

I am delighted to witness the historic milestone of our centennial, and I extend my deepest respect to our predecessors for making this possible. I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to our shareholders, customers, suppliers, business partners, and other related parties for their support over the years.

People Are the Foundation for Our Success.

The awareness that people are the foundation of our success is a cherished value at Daicel.

Today, more than 12,000 associates work for Daicel around the world. We continue to review our human resources system with flexibility in light of the progress of globalization and society’s ongoing focus on diversity and inclusion.

We welcome the trend toward respecting those with different values and benefitting from a rich and varied approach to life. These trends surely contribute to a rewarding career.

Thriving as a Company Focused on ”Monozukuri”*

Daicel continues to contribute to the world by creating value through manufacturing: “Monozukuri”. We are meeting the challenge of expanding the scope of our operations beyond our core technologies of cellulose chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and pyrotechnic engineering. The knowledge and experience we have cultivated over many years enable us not only to furnish needed products but also to devise the solutions our customers demand.

The twin pillars of our Monozukuri are safety and quality. Toward this end, we are fully committed to the Responsible Care initiative and to meeting regulatory compliance requirements as part of our pledge to never allow an accident to reoccur. Moreover, we are committed to steadily building on our daily routines while creating a stronger, safer, and more secure manufacturing system.

Toward a Transformation of Our Business Structure

The economic environment in which we operate continues to change rapidly and dramatically. When we look ahead to the next decade and beyond to the coming century, we believe we are facing a turning point that will require us not only to respond to our immediate business results, but also to review strategies related to our business and technology.

We have formulated a long-term vision as well as a medium-term business plan and have been working diligently to implement them. At the same time, we are formulating a new vision for the coming era and addressing the need for a structural transformation. In order to achieve these ends, we remain dedicated to earning public trust by creating value in harmony with the community and providing the solutions society seeks.

*Monozukuri: Innovation & creation of significant value in manufacturing

Yoshimi Ogawa President and CEO Yoshimi Ogawa