Message from the President and CEO

Misao Fudaba

Since the Company’s founding in 1919 through the merger of eight celluloid producers, we have developed core technologies in the areas of cellulose chemistry, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and pyrotechnic engineering. We have succeeded in growing our business, entering new fields, and establishing a global presence with our unique chemical and production technologies, state-of-the-art R&D capabilities, and innovative approach to manufacturing.

The Best Solution for You

In April 2010, we adopted “Grand Vision 2020,” a long-term vision formulated to identify the goals our Group will seek to achieve by 2020. We are committed to serving as a company that offers the best solutions and exhibits good corporate ethics and legal compliance while remaining dedicated to our priorities of secure operations, safe products, and high quality. We will continue to grow together with society while providing ideal solutions to the increasingly diverse needs of society.

3D Step-up Plan

In order to realize the Group future we envision, we have instituted a three-phase (3D-I, 3D-II, and 3D-III) business plan. We are now implementing the final “3D-III” phase of our Mid-Term Plan. Our target for this final phase is to achieve continuous growth by responding to change with the best solutions. We see the changing environment as a new opportunity in a business climate requiring a rapid response to the increasing complexity of a globalized economy. What’s more, we are responding to the emergence of “smart communities” as well as the change in the industrial structure arising from the technological revolution, the changing working environment, and a new focus on an improved quality of life. Thus, we are rethinking our awareness and actions as we take steps to nurture new growth.

Foundational Ways of Thinking

At the Daicel Group, we have adopted a new mindset we call the “3C Spirit: Change, Challenge & Courage.” We will change the approach of inventing strategies by abolishing simple extensions of conventional thinking; continuing to challenge ourselves to break down the status quo and accomplish major results and growth; and developing the courage to jump into new areas. We intend to transform the way we work without being bound by preconceptions. At the same time, we will act to change our working environment in a manner that enables individuals to demonstrate their skills to the maximum. We have committed ourselves to supporting growth and development by offering “The Best Solutions” to satisfy the needs of a changing society. Working as a united Group, we will continue to meet the challenge of implementing our vision for the future

the President and CEO Misao Fudaba