The Daicel Group’s CSR Activities

The Daicel Group has put in place a Conduct Policy based on the basic philosophy shared throughout the Group. In order to properly carry out this policy, each Group company formulates its own Code of Conduct. Moreover, the Corporate Ethics Initiative and Responsible Care Initiative underpin the Conduct Policy or more specifically the Code of Conduct, which lie at the heart of the Daicel Group’s CSR activities. Furthermore, we have positioned a check, act, plan, and do (CAPD)* cycle as a basic methodology to continually improve activities related to implementing our Conduct Policy and Code of Conduct. In addition, our CSR activities are not limited to particular individuals or organizations but instead involve everyone who works at the Daicel Group.

※Instead of a plan, do, check, and act (PDCA) cycle, the more widely known approach to continuous improvement, Daicel has adopted a CAPD improvement cycle to avoid the risk of overlooking crucial facts and realities that often lie hidden in the initial planning stage.

Basic Philosophy, Conduct Policy and Code of Conduct

The CAPD Cycle