Editorial Policy

The Daicel Group had issued annual CSR Reports to facilitate stakeholder understanding of its initiatives aimed at preserving the environment, ensuring safety and making social contributions. Since the 2017 edition, the Group has also incorporated operating results and other financial information into the content, rebranding the publication as the “Daicel Group Annual Report—CSR&Financial Report” with the aim of enabling readers to access a broad range of information within a single report.
To compile this edition, we have focused on communicating our corporate information to a variety of stakeholder groups by improving reader-friendliness and understandability while engaging in proactive disclosure, striving to ensure the content will provide stakeholders with a clearer picture of various initiatives being undertaken by the Group.
At the same time, we have expanded the CSR content of our corporate website in response to stakeholder requests for detailed information.

Reporting Period

This report encompasses the Daicel Group’s initiatives during FY 2018/3 (April 2017 to March 2018), though some topics outside the specified period have also been included.

Scope of Compilation Data

Taking the Daicel Group as its basis, any references in this report that fall outside that basis are stated in the text.
For more details about the organizations subject to reporting for Responsible Care Initiatives (included in the calculation of environmental/occupational safety and health performance data), please refer to this website.
>List of Data Collection Boundaries

Changes After Publication

Date Page Changes Reason of Change
November 19, 2018 List of Declarations and Certifications We updated the status of "Environmental Management System" and "Quality Management System" certifications from the end of March 2018 to the status as of September 2018 Update information
February 5, 2019 Diversity Promotion We added a report that the company held a "promoting diversity and reforming work styles as a management strategy" lecture for top management on October 16, 2018. Addition of activity reports outside the reporting period
February 5, 2019 Creating an Inclusive Workplace We added a report that the company participated in "Telework Days 2018", a national campaign initiated by the government, as an initiative to promote telework. Addition of activity reports outside the reporting period