Editorial Policies

The Daicel Group publishes the "Daicel Group Annual Report - CSR & Financial Report" to provide its financial and non-financial information to all stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, so they may deepen their understanding of the Group's business and CSR activities.

In addition to this report, there is a CSR section on our corporate website where we disclose comprehensive and detailed information on the Group's CSR initiatives. Moreover, in 2019 we started disclosing ESG data on factors related to the environment, society, and governance through our site.

As these reports are important tools for communicating with our various stakeholders, we keep in mind during the editing process that they must be easy to read, easy to understand, and proactive in terms of reporting on our CSR activities.

Reporting Period

FY2019/3 (April 2017 to March 2019)
Note: Topics outside the specified period have been included.

Entities within the Scope of Reporting

The report covers initiatives of Daicel Group companies and those of other companies as noted.
The following terms are used in the report.

  • Daicel/We/Our: Daicel Corporation
  • Daicel Group/The Group: Daicel Corporation and its affiliates
  • Group companies: Affiliates of Daicel Corporation
  • Daicel's business sites and on-premise Group companies: Daicel's plants and research institutes as well as the business sites of domestic Group companies operating on the premises of Daicel's plants (not including the headquarters)
  • Other Group companies: business sites of the domestic Group companies operating outside the premises of Daicel's business sites
  • Overseas Group companies: business sites of Daicel's overseas Group companies

The scope of the Group companies for reporting varies depending on the content of the initiatives. Refer to the following websites for more details.

Scope of reporting for human resources and governance data

Scope of reporting for environmental and occupational safety and health data