Scope of Reporting for Human Resources and Governance Data

The Daicel Group consists of a total of 82 companies.(As of March 31, 2019)
In this report, initiatives of the Daicel Group are reported. Reports about Daicel Corporation or other Group company are noted in each text.
The scope of the Daicel Group varies depending on the content of initiatives. Regarding the initiatives of ① to ③ below, the scope of the Daicel Group reporting is as shown in the table below.

Consolidated Companies

Company Name Country
Kyodo Sakusan Co.,Ltd. Japan -
Dainichi Chemical Co.,Ltd. Japan -
Daicel Arai Chemical Ltd. Japan
Chiral Technologies, Inc. U.S.A. -
Arbor Biosciences (official name:Biodiscovery LLC) U.S.A. - - -
Chiral Technologies Europe S.A.S. France -
Daicel Chiral Technologies (China) Co., Ltd. China -
Daicel Chiral Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. India -
Daicel ChemTech, Inc. U.S.A. -
Daicel Nanning Food Ingredients Co., Ltd. China -
Polyplastics Co., Ltd. Japan
WinTech Polymer Ltd. Japan -
PTM Holdings, Inc. Japan - - -
PolyplaServise Co., Ltd. Japan -
Polyplastics Taiwan Co., Ltd. Taiwan -
Polyplastics Asia Pacific Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia -
Polyplastics China Ltd. China -
Polyplastics Marketing (T) Ltd. Thailand -
Polyplastics Asia Pacific Singapore Pte. Ltd. Singapore -
Polyplastics Trading (Shanghai) Ltd. China -
PTM Engineering Plastics (Nantong) Co., Ltd. China -
Polyplastics (Shanghai) Ltd. China -
Polyplastics Korea Ltd. South Korea -
Polyplastics (Nantong) Ltd. China -
Polyplastics USA, Inc. USA -
LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant GmbH Germany -
Polyplastics Europe GmbH Germany -
Polyplastics Marketing Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Mexico -
Topas Advanced Polymers GmbH Germany -
Daicel Polymer Ltd. Japan
Daicel Polymer (Hong Kong) Ltd. China -
Shanghai Daicel Polymers, Ltd. China -
Daicel Polymer (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand -
Daicel Pack Systems Ltd. Japan
DM Novafoam Ltd. Japan -
Daicel Value Coating Ltd. Japan
Daicel Safety Systems Inc. Japan
Daicel Safety Systems America Holdings, Inc. U.S.A. -
Daicel Safety Systems America, LLC U.S.A. -
Daicel Safety Systems America Arizona, Inc. U.S.A. -
Daicel Safety Systems (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand -
Daicel Safety Systems Europe Sp. z o. o. Poland -
Daicel Safety Systems (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. China -
Daicel Safety Systems Korea, Inc. South Korea -
Daicel Safety Systems India Pvt. Ltd. India - - -
Daicel Safety Technologies America, Inc. U.S.A. -
Daicel Safety Tube Processing, Inc. U.S.A. -
Daicel Safety Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand -
Daicel Safety Technologies (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. China -
Special Devices, Inc. U.S.A. -
Special Devices (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Thailand -
Daicel Pyrotechnics Ltd. Japan -
Daicel Logistics Service Co.,Ltd. Japan
Daicel FineChem Ltd. Japan
Daicen Membrane-Systems Ltd. Japan
Kyoei Shokusan Co.,Ltd. Japan -
Lomapharm GmbH Germany - - -
Daicel Micro Optics Co. Ltd. Taiwan - - -
Daicel Aboshi Sangyo Co.,Ltd. Japan
Daicel Ohtake Sangyo Co.,Ltd. Japan
Daicel (Asia) Pte. Ltd. Singapore -
Daicel (Europa) GmbH Germany -
Daicel Trading (Shanghai) Ltd. China -
Daicel America Holdings, Inc. U.S.A. -
Daicel (China) Investment Co., Ltd. China -

Other Affiliated Companies

Company Name Country
Nagano Novafoam Sangyo Ltd. Japan - -
Polyplastics Marketing (India) Pvt. Ltd. India -
Chrom Tech Ltd. U.K. - - -
Special Devices Japan Ltd. Japan - - -
Daicel-Evonik Ltd. Japan -
Daicel-ALLNEX Ltd. Japan -
Kyoudou Polymer Co., Ltd. Japan - - -
Xi'an Huida Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. China - - -
Toyo Styrene Co., Ltd. Japan - - -
Toyama Filter Tow Co., Ltd Japan - - -
Ningbo Da-An Chemical Industries Co., Ltd. China - - -
Hirohata Terminal Company Ltd. Japan - - -
Toyoshina Film Co.,Ltd. Japan - - -
Hayashi Shipping,Co.Ltd Japan - - -
Shanghai Da-Shen Cellulose Plastics Co., Ltd. China - - -
Daicel Prosperity (China) Ltd. China - - -